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On April 26, 2021, a new public-private collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise was announced that will dramatically increase UW-Eau Claire's supercomputing processing power. Students and faculty can now engage in more high-performance, data-driven research.

“Thanks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the National Science Foundation, UW-Eau Claire is the first university in the United States to use HPE’s Apollo servers with the Cray hardware called Slingshot,” UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt says. “This investment epitomizes the power of partnerships to drive innovation and provide mutual benefits. Not only do UW-Eau Claire’s students gain the chance to conduct research in areas ranging from deep learning and artificial intelligence to data mining and computational number theories, HPE’s leaders and technicians can now pioneer new technologies and receive expert feedback from our talented faculty and staff.”

Watch Chancellor Schmidt announce the Blugold Center for High Performance Computing

Blugold Center for High Performance Computing

Take a tour of the supercomputer

Hear from UW System President Tommy Thompson 

A word from Bill Mannel, VP & GM of HPC and AI

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