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Blu the Blugold

What is a Blugold? Good question!

We are all Blugolds, and Blugolds are what make UW-Eau Claire great. Blu the Blugold, our student body mascot, is UWEC's biggest fan, number one student supporter, and proud to call our campus home. It is not uncommon to spot Blu grabbing a sandwich at Erbert and Gerbert's, Blu the Blugoldcatching some sun on the campus mall, or cheering on Blugold athletes. Feel free to say hi when you see him!

If you'd like to have your student organization turn heads, look into booking Blu for your next event. To reserve Blu, apply to wear the mascot costume, or for more information, e-mail

You'll be seeing a lot more of Blu around campus in the coming years, and he can't wait to meet each new class of incoming freshman. With our new mascot as a visible rallying point, UW-Eau Claire will continue to be one of the premier undergraduate institutions in the Upper Midwest.

As Blu says: It's always a great day to be a Blugold!


Mascot Coordinator: Jake Stendahl
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