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Online Communications

Student Account and Access

UW-Eau Claire uses email as a primary means of communication. When you are accepted for admission as a degree-seeking or Special student, you are automatically assigned a username, ID#, and a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You'll need the PIN to access your email account the first time, but once you have, you can forward your University email to any other email address.

It is important that you activate your University email account as soon as possible (and forward it to a preferred account if you wish), since the University distributes both grades and billings via email. It is your responsibility to check your email often, as many instructors and advisers use email to contact students about class assignments and/or require students to correspond or participate via email in some way. Important information may already have been sent to you.

If you enroll in consecutive terms, your email account will remain continuously in effect. It will become inactive about one year from the end of the term for which you do not enroll.

How to Obtain Your PIN

The first time you sign on to Webmail or MyBlugold you will use your 4-digit PIN. If you have not received your PIN, please contact Registration Services at 715-836-2425; or send an email to: . Your PIN will be mailed to you through U.S. mail.

How to Access Webmail

Go to this URL-- . You will be asked for your UWEC username and password. If you have never signed on before, your password will be "uwec?1234," substituting your PIN for 1234. (uwec must be in lower case and don't forget the question mark in the middle).

How to Forward Your UWEC Email to Another Address

If you have already forwarded your UWEC email to another address, your grades and bills will go there. If you would like to forward your email, simply go to: and choose "Stop/Start Forwarding Your UWEC Email". To prevent forwarded UWEC messages from being undeliverable, take particular care in entering your email address.

How to View Your Grades Anytime in MyBlugold on the Web

Go to MyBlugold. Use your username and password to login. Under the
My Info tab, choose Grades, Midterm/Final.

Grades shown as "NR"

If you are checking your grades before a grade report is sent to your email account, an "NR" may appear instead of a letter grade. "NR" indicates that the grade is not reported yet. If an "NR" appears after you receive an electronic grade report, then you should contact the professor of that course to find out your grade.

How to Request Your Bill Anytime in MyBlugold on the Web

Go to MyBlugold. Use your username and password to login. Under the
My Info tab, choose Email Bill and/or Schedule.

Requesting Grades in a Paper Format

You can also obtain your final grades by ordering a transcript. Use the transcript request process provided at the Transcripts page.

If you want to receive the transcript so that you can see your grades, you should order an unofficial ("student copy") transcript. If you need to submit your transcript to an employer for reimbursement or verification of successful course completion, you will need to order an official transcript which can be mailed directly to the employer or agency.

Enrolled In a D2L course?

If you are enrolled in a course using D2L (Desire2Learn) you can access D2L from the UWEC homepage. Slide your cursor over "Current Students" in the blue menu bar at the top of the page and then select "Desire2Learn" in the drop down menu.

Where to Access these Resources

Anytime, any place - you may use any computer with internet access or any UWEC student computing lab on campus. For information on UWEC labs go to:

Blugold Card

UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty/staff members receive a university identification card as a privilege of their affiliation with the university. There is no charge for the first Blugold Card. If you are interested in obtaining a Blugold Card, please contact the Blugold Card Office at 715-836-4070.

Online Help

If you have problems, call the LTS HelpDesk at 715-836-5711 or send an email message to .