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University-Wide Committees

Here is a list of all committees run by the University and the members of each committee.


  • UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
  • UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
  • APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
  • IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
  • College indicated when relevant
  • Chairs indicated in bold

University-Wide Nominating Committee

Angela Dalhoe, Special Education (2024)
Colleen Marchwick, International Education  (2023)
Yuxin Shan, Accounting & Finance (2024)

Mary Worley, Communication & Journalism (2023)
Vacant (2024)
Vacant (2023)

Faculty Complaint, Grievance & Termination Review Committee

Jianjun Ji, Sociology (2023)
Arin Van Wormer, Nursing, vice-chair (2023)
Steve Fink, Philosophy & Religious Studies (2023)
Matt Jewell, Materials Science (2023)
Won Yong Jang, Communication & Journalism (2024)
Sean McAleer, Philosophy & Religious Studies (2024)
Lisa Quinn-Lee, Social Work (2024)

Maria DaCosta, Economics (2024)
Norah Airth-Kindree, Nursing (2024)
Sue Fondrie, Educ. (2025)
Yoonsin Oh, Kinesiology (2025)
Ming-Li Hsien, Political Science (2025)
Reiko Shinno, History (2025)
Yan Li, Economics (2025)
Crispin Pierce, PHES (2025)

University Planning Committee

Ann Aschenbrenner, Nursing (2023)
Nikki Andrews, Admissions (2024)
Jidong Zhang, Accounting & Finance (2024)
Saori Braun, Kinesiology (2024)
Greg Kocken, Library (2025)
Jarrod Hines, Psychology (2025)
Rochelle Hoffman, Blugold Beginnings (2025)


Alex Schultz, Central Stores (2025)
Evan Weiher, Senate Chair, ex officio
Nicole Owen, US Council Chair, ex officio
Troy Kozma, UWEC – Barron County (2023)
Rossellin Gaitan, Student Body President or designee, ex officio
Casey Rozowski, Institutional Research, ex officio
Grace Crickette, Vice Chancellor for Budget & Finance or designee, ex officio
MJ Brukardt, Exec. Dir. of Marketing & Planning, ex officio     

Academic Staff Complaint, Grievance and Review Committee

IAS - Gail Hanson Brenner, Nursing (2025)
APAS - Faith Pawelski, SSS (2025)
APAS - Vacant (2025)
APAS - Stitira Wendt, St. w/ Dis. (2023)
APAS -Linda Carlson, ARCC (2023)
APAS - Patti See, ARCC (2023)

IAS - Chip Kochendorfer, Accounting & Finance (2024)
APAS - Alison Clark, Career Services (2024)
IAS - Vacant (2024)

Academic Staff Professional Development Committee

Melissa Boellaard, Nursing (2025)
Melody Manteufel, ARCC (2025)
Samantha Pearson, Nursing (2023)
Alyssa Slaby, ARCC (2023)
Amanda Sedahl, ARCC (2024)
Trudy Brickheimer, EHS (2024)

Chris Jorgenson, Chancellor Appointment (2021)
Teresa O' Halloran, Affirmative Action
Erica Benson, ORSP

Administrative and Professional Academic Staff Awards Committee

Vacant (2025) 
Vacant (2025)
Vacant (2024)

Stitira Wendt, St. w/ Disabilities, (2023)
Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Blugold Beginnings, (2023)

University Faculty Awards Committee

Vacant (2023)
Liliana LaValle, Library (2023)
Vacant (2024)

Vacant (2025)
Vacant (2025)
Vacant (2024)

Administrator Review Committee

Nick Phillips, Music & Theatre Arts 2024 - Elected by/from A&S
Seungbin Oh, Accounting & Finance, 2026 - Elected by/from BUS
Rod Jones, Special Education , 2024 - Elected by/from EHS
Norah Airth-Kindree, Nursing, 2023 - Elected by/from NHS
Vacant, 2025 - Elected by/from APAS
Vacant, 2023 - Elected by/from APAS
Christopher Jones, Barron County, 2023 - Elected by/from IAS
Nancy Epsaro, A&S, 2024 - Elected by/from University Staff Council
Bill Hoepner, LTS, 2025 - Elected by/from University Staff Council

University Liberal Education Committee

Alex Smith, Mathematics, A&S (2023)
Namji Kim, Music & Theatre Arts, A&S (2023)
Jim Seliya, Computer Science, A&S (2025)
Joanne Jahnke-Wegner, History, A&S (2024)
Jeanette Olsen, Nursing, NHS (2025)
Theresa Dachel, Nursing, NHS (2023)
Liliana LaValle, Library, Library Rep. (2024)
Katie Ritland-Clouse, ARCC, AS Rep. (2023)
Mary Hoffman, Provost or designee, ex-officio and non-voting

Andrew Sturtevant, History, A&S (2025)
Kris Knutson, Communication & Journalism, A&S (2024)
Jeffrey Goodman, Psychology, A&S (2024)
Emrah Ekici, Accounting & Finance, BUS (2023)
Marcy Orwig, Business Communications, BUS (2025)
Emily Freeman, Education for Equity and Justice, EHS (2025)
Angela Jones, Special Education, EHS (2024)
Ben Hurley, Student Representative

University Assessment Committee

Vacant NHS (2024)
Jeanette Olsen, Nursing, NHS (2023)
Jerrod Hines, Psychology, A&S (2024)
Kris Knutson, Communication & Journalism, A&S (2023)
Carol Koroghlanian, Educ. St., EHS (2024)
Karsten Powell, Spec. Educ., EHS (2023)
Tony Keys, Information System, BUS (2023)
Sheril Gilberstadt, Accounting & Finance, BUS (2025)

Heidi Smith, SSD (2024)
Feroz Siddique, Barron County (2023)
Jasmine Case, ARCC (2024)
Robin Miller, Library (2025)
Tracy Drier, Engagement, Activities, Involvement & Leadership (2024)
Lauren Bach, ARCC (2023)
Travis DuChene, Student
Mary Hoffman, Director of Assessment

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