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University Senate Committees

Here is a list of all committees run by the University Senate and the members of each committee.


  • UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
  • UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
  • APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
  • IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
  • College or School indicated when relevant
  • Chairs in bold
  • *Non-Voting Members

Executive Committee

Pedro Sottile, (F/BUS), 2023
Vacant, (F/EHS), 2024
Lisa Schiller, (F/NHS), 2023
Bob Hooper, (F/A&S), 2024
Elizabeth Glogowski, (F/Any), 2023
Kristin Schaupp, (F/Any), 2023
Colleen Marchwick, (AS/Any), 2024
Ryan Weichelt, (F/Any), 2023
John Mann, (F/Any), 2024
Kent Gerberich, (AS/Any), 2023
Nicole Miller, (AS/Any), 2023
Gail Hanson Brenner, (AS/Any), 2024


Jasmine Case, ARCC, Academic Staff Rep, 2024
Marquell Johnson, Faculty Staff Rep, 2024
Evan Weiher, Senate Chair, 2025
Kelly  Murray, Vice Chair, 2025
Robin Miller, (F/Any), 2024
Lauren Wentz, (F/Any), 2024

*James Schmidt, Chancellor
*Patricia Kleine, Provost/VC
*Grace Crickette, VC
*Billy Felz, I-VC
*Teresa O'Halloran, I-VC


Faculty Personnel Committee

Kate Hinnant, Library, 2023
Marquell Johnson, EHS, 2024
Lisa Schiller (NHS), 2024
Vacant (Any), 2025
Jason Spraitz, (A&S), 2023

Louisa Rice, i-Assoc. VC, ex-officio and non-voting (appd)
Pedro Sottile (BUS), 2025
Reiko Shinno, (A&S), 2025
Lorraine Smith (NHS), 2024

Academic Staff Personnel Committee

Samantha Pearson, Nursing (APAS), 2024
Kelly Murray, CETL (APAS), 2025
Andy Hanson, Nursing (APAS), 2024
Jane Strong, Business Communications (IAS), 2023
Paula Collins, A&S (APAS), 2025

Amanda Hilson (Tom Carlson), Languages (IAS), 2023 (2025)
Jeff DeGrave (APAS), 2024
Pam Baughman (IAS), 2023
Jasmine Case, (APAS), AS Rep, 2024
Stephanie Jamelske (appd, ex officio and non-voting)

Academic Policies Committee

Jessica Kraker, Mathematics (A&S), 2025
Jamie Tester Morfoot (EHS), 2025
Evan Weiher, (A&S), 2024
Bob Hooper (A&S), 2025 
Alex Smith, CS, 2024
Gunnar Larson, Nursing (NHS), 2025
Abby Hemmerich, (EHS), 2023
Carol Koroghlanian (EHS), 2023 
Bill Miller (BUS), 2025

*Patricia Kleine, Provost/Vice Chancellor
*Kati Morley (LIB), 2023
*Student Member - Sahana Suresh

Campus Infrastructure Committee

Silviana Amethyst (UF), 2025
Jim Boulter (UF), 2023
Gunnar Larson (UF), 2024
Grace Becker (UAS), 2023
Vacant (UAS), 2024
Bill Hoepner (US) 2024

Sasha Showsh (UAS/Biol), 2024
Cyril Wilson (UF/Geog), 2023
Steve Korinek (UF/Art & Design), 2025
Renee Strehlau, Administrative Rep.
Allison Hannah, NHS. (US) 2025
Ben Johnson, Student Member

Compensation and Budget Committee

Ellen Mahaffy (UF) 2023
Carol Koroghlanian (UF) 2024
Samantha Pearson (UAS) 2025
Tom Sulzer (UAS) 2023
Sasha Showsh (UF) 2025
Kati Morley (UF) 2024
Linda Carlson (APAS) 2023
Marcia St. Germaine (UAS) 2025

Sally Eckwright, University Staff (2024) non-voting
Brewer Doran, Dean
Student Member - Ben Johnson, non-voting
Stephanie Jamelske, Budget Officer, non-voting

Technology Committee

Ellen Mahaffy (UF, A&S) 2023
David (Hyoseok) Hwang (UF, BUS) 2025
Robert Stow, (UF, EHS) 2025
Andy Hanson (UAS, Nursing) 2024
Ruidon Zhang (Any Senator) 2024
Tom Sulzer (LTS) 2023
Liliana LaValle (Library) 2024

Brad Gehrke (UAS Senator) 2023
Mark Staloch (Any Senator) 2025
Eric Sevens (US) 2025
Joseph Dokken, Student Member
Kent Gerberich, LTS (CIO)
Wufeng Tian, Barron County

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