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University Senate Committees

University Senate Committees

Here is a list of all committees run by the University Senate and the members of each committee.


  • UF = University Faculty (indicated when relevant)
  • UAS = University Academic Staff (indicated when relevant)
  • APAS = Administrative or Professional Academic Staff
  • IAS = Instructional Academic Staff
  • College or School indicated when relevant
  • Chairs in bold
  • *Non-Voting Members

Executive Committee

Pedro Sottile, (F/BUS), 2021
Marquell Johnson, (F/EHS), 2020
Charlotte Sortedahl, (F/NHS), 2021
Bob Hooper, (F/A&S), 2020
Elizabeth Glogowski, (F/Any), 2021
Kristin Schaupp, (F/Any), 2021
Colleen Marchwick, (AS/Any), 2020
Ryan Weichelt, (F/Any), 2021
John Mann, (F/Any), 2020
Ka Vang, (AS/Any), 2021
Vacant (AS/Any), 2021


Jasmine Case, ARCC, Academic Staff Rep, 2022
Geoff Peterson, Faculty Staff Rep, 2022
Evan Weiher, Senate Chair, 2021
Chip Eckardt, Vice Chair, 2021
Jill Markgraf, (F/Any), 2020
Bill Miller, (F/Any), 2020
Vacant, (AS/Any), 2020

*James Schmidt, Chancellor
*Patricia Kleine, Provost/VC
*John Haven, VC
*Vacant, VC
*Warren Anderson, VC


Faculty Personnel Committee

Steven Majstorovic (A&S), 2020
Geoffrey Peterson (A&S), 2022
Jose Alvergue (A&S), 2021
Jeff Erger (A&S), 2022
Barb Meier (EHS), 2020

Mike Carney, Assoc. VC (appd)
Pedro Sottile (BUS), 2022
Alex Smith, (A&S), 2022
Lisa Schiller (NHS), 2021

Academic Staff Personnel Committee

Vacant (APAS), 2021
Vacant (APAS), 2022
Vacant (APAS), 2021
Andrew Suralski, English (IAS), 2020
Craig Ernst, (APAS), 2022

Lori Snyder (IAS), 2022
Paula Collins, A&S (APAS), 2021
Amanda Sedahl, Advising (APAS), 2020
Jasmine Case, (APAS), AS Rep, 2022
Stephanie Jamelske (appd, ex officio and non-voting)

Academic Policies Committee

Marquell Johnson (EHS), 2022
Joel Friederich (Barron Co), 2021
Der-Fa Lu (NHS), 2021
Bob Hooper, (A&S), 2020
Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, (A&S), 2021
Evan Weiher, (A&S), 2022
Vacant, 2020
Vicky Samelson (EHS), 2020
Bill Miller (BUS), 2022

*Patricia Kleine,Provost/Vice Chancellor
*Hans Kishel (LIB), 2020
*Student Member - Travis DuChene

Physical Plant Planning Committee

Jim Boulter (UF), 2022
Kate Hinnant (UF), 2021
Jim Rybicki (UF), 2020
Ryan Banaszak (UAS), 2020
Katie Wilson (UAS), 2021
Jackson Schmidtke, (US) 2021

Sasha Showsh (UAS/Biol), 2021
Sean Hartnett (UF/Geog), 2020
Karen O'Day (UF/Art & Design), 2022
Renee Strehlau, Administrative Rep.
Tammy Perzichilli (US) 2022
David Miller/Riley Rakowiek, Student Member

Compensation and Budget Committee

Peter Hart-Brinson (UF) 2020
Ryan Harrison (UF) 2021
Vacant (UAS) 2020
Vacant (UAS) 2022
Sasha Showsh (UF) 2022
Ganga Vadhavkar, English (UF) 2021
Staci Heidtke (UAS) 2020
Paula Collins (UAS) 2022

Sally Eckwright, University Staff (2021) non-voting
Brewer Doran, Dean
Student Member - David Miller/Taylor Kalawitz, non-voting
Stephanie Jamelske, Budget Officer, non-voting

Technology Committee

Ellen Mahaffy (UF, A&S) 2020
Kate (Kyoungmi) Kim (UF, BUS) 2022
Robert Stow, (UF, EHS) 2022
Andy Hanson (UAS, Nursing) 2021
Robin Miller (UF, Library) 2021

Dan Schumacher (UAS) 2020
Dave Nesvacil (UAS) 2022
Eric Sevens (US) 2022
Joe Murphy, Student Member
Chip Eckardt, LTS (CIO)

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