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Pay Your Bill and Deposits by International Wire Transfer

Pay by International Wire Transfer

Learn how to pay your student account bill by wire transfer (tuition, fees, and room and board) or pay enrollment, housing, study abroad, or immersion program deposits by wire transfer. UW-Eau Claire uses Flywire to offer you excellent foreign exchange rates, ability to pay in your home currency (in most cases), significant savings as compared to traditional banks, and email confirmation of your payments.

Step 1

Log into your CampS student account. You may have received an email from Blugold Central telling you that you have a balance to pay (you won’t get a paper bill - we only send bills via email).

Step 2

Click the “View/Pay My Bills” link on the home screen or in your Student Center screen.

Step 3

View the “Amount Billed” on the screen so you know how much you must pay.

Step 4

In a new browser window, visit

Step 5

Type the amount in U.S. dollars you would like to pay into the first field at the top of the page.

Step 6

Select the country where the funds will be coming from in the drop-down menu. The screen will adjust to show you what currency types are accepted from the country you chose. Flywire will also convert the amount you want to pay in U.S. dollars to your selected currency.

Step 7

If this is your first time using Flywire, click the “Create a new account” radio button and fill in the information required. If you already have an account, click the “Sign into an existing account” radio button and sign in.

Step 8

On the next screen, fill in your information as requested by Flywire and click the “Continue with payment” button. Flywire will send you an email containing instructions on how to pay from your home country bank account.

Step 9

Follow the instructions in the email from Flywire. They will then forward the U.S. dollar amount to UW-Eau Claire where it will be directly credited to your student account. You will receive an email to confirm receipt of payment.

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