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Apply for a Parent PLUS loan

If the aid you received does not cover all your college costs, a Federal Parent PLUS loan is an option for parents to borrow an additional loan to cover your costs. Check out what a Parent PLUS loan is and if it is the right option for you. We have also provided the steps you need to take to apply. The average processing time is 4 - 6 weeks.

Step 1

You must first have completed a FAFSA, received an award letter, and be enrolled at least half time for the loan period your parent is choosing to borrow on your behalf. If you have questions about your enrollment status, please contact Blugold Central.

Step 2

Print and complete the current Parent PLUS loan application. The parent should return the completed application to Blugold Central. Any credit holds must be removed so the credit check can be processed.

2023-24 Parent PLUS Loan Application

Step 3

Once the Parent PLUS loan has been approved or denied, an email is sent to the parent borrower using the email address provided on the PLUS application. The student will also receive a campus email in reference to the Parent PLUS loan decision at this time.

Step 4

If the PLUS Loan is approved, a Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed by the parent who applied for the loan. In order to sign you must:

  • Obtain an FSA ID, which serves as your electronic signature on the MPN.
  • Complete and sign your Parent PLUS MPN, using the FSA ID
  • Print a copy of the PLUS MPN for your records.
Step 5

In some cases, the PLUS Loan is denied. In that situation,

  1. We can award additional Unsubsidized Direct Loan to the student (if that’s what both the student and parent agree to)
  2. The parent can appeal the denial
  3. The parent can look for a credit-worthy co-signer.

Note: Parents who are denied the Parent PLUS Loan and are seeking a co-signer or parents who have their credit decision overturned are required to complete PLUS Loan Counseling before the PLUS loan can be disbursed. If you have any questions about the process or status of your application for a Parent PLUS loan, please contact the Blugold Central Office.

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