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Answers to your questions

Discover the questions you never thought you'd ask about financial aid.

  1. A new FAFSA must be filed EVERY year. 
  2. A student must be enrolled at least halftime (at least 6 credits for an undergraduate student) to receive most financial aid.
  3. Even if no one claims you on their taxes, it does not make you independent for financial aid purposes.  (The Department of Education has strict rules for determining a student’s dependency status.)
  4. Two important things to know about scholarships –
    • Students should report any known scholarships in CampS in advance of semester start-up so they can be factored into a student’s financial aid package.
    • Scholarship checks need to be sent in as soon as possible to avoid delays in having them posted to a student’s account.
  5. Tuition is the same if you take 12-18 credits; consequently, you pay the same tuition and receive the same amount of financial aid, if you were to take 12 or 18 credits.
  6. If you are considering dropping below half-time or withdrawing completely be sure to ask Blugold Central about any negative aid implications, such as having to repay aid.
  7. Before accessing a private, alternative loan, you may want to contact Blugold Central to be assured that you have exhausted all other lower cost options.
  8. If you receive a Subsidized Direct Loan, you are not responsible for the interest until six months after you graduate or drop below half-time status.   If you receive an Unsubsidized Direct Loan, although making interest payments while in school is optional, you will still be responsible for the interest that has accrued when you go into repayment.
  9. Over 3,400 students are employed at UWEC through on-campus opportunities each year.
  10. Financial aid will communicate with students via email and will often point students to their checklists in CampS for tasks necessary for the student to complete before we can disburse financial aid.  Please continue to watch these to avoid disbursement delays.
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