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Opportunities are endless, get involved today

Unlock the full potential of your university experience by getting involved with the Student Senate, open and available to any student. Whether you aspire to become a senator, lead as a chair or director, contribute on a commission, or provide insights at meetings—your participation is invaluable.

Discover the Senate in Action

Curious about our operations? Join us at our open general meetings every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in Davies. Experience our discussions firsthand, and if you feel inspired, share your thoughts in the gallery section—your voice matters to us.

Your First Step into Leadership

Venturing into the Student Senate begins at our office. Drop by to chat with our Program Assistant or any Senate member about your interests. We're here to guide you on how to take part and make an impact.

Connect with Commissions

Our commissions are the heartbeat of our initiatives, covering a wide array of interests. For a dynamic start, choose from one of our nine, soon to be ten, commissions detailed on our commission page. Engaging is simple: reach out to the respective director, express your interest, and inquire about the next meeting.

Events and Services Tailored for You

The Student Senate enriches campus life with a plethora of services and events crafted for you. Enjoy access to unique offerings like Blu the Blugold, Legal Services, fun campus events, and student organization funding. Immerse yourself in our vibrant event lineup, from concerts and festivals to sustainability and EDI initiatives. There’s something for everyone.

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