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We are SWAT, a group of peer health educators who work together talking to groups about health and wellness topics like stress management, healthy relationships, life balance, sexual health, nutrition, alcohol and more.

We are interactive and fun, and we are happy to tailor our materials to your group's needs. We also do health advocacy work on campus in an effort to make UW-Eau Claire's campus a healthier place for learning and living.

Back in 2015 we joined forces with CASE (the Center for Alcohol Studies and Education) to create a super team of peer health educators to address all health topics, including alcohol. We now operate as one team under the name of the Office of Health Promotion.

Be well!

SWAT Programs

If you'd like to schedule one of our programs, it's best to submit your request at least two weeks in advance so we have enough time to prepare a quality presentation for your group.

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Sexual Health and Communication

  • Request the Love Wagon! Looking for a fun way to get condoms to those who might need them? Request our Love Wagon! The Love Wagon is fully equipped with condoms and safer sex information. One of our knowledgeable peer health educators will be there to answer any questions that come up.
  • Condom Bingo: A favorite in the residence halls, Condom Bingo is a fun & interactive way to learn about STI's, contraception, and other sex-related topics. We'll bring the condoms!
  •  Sexual Health "Spin to Win" Wheel: A "Spin to Win" wheel with questions about sexual health and campus resources provides students an interactive way to learn and win free prizes! Free external condoms and some other sexual health supplies are included.


  • Tobacco: The SWATeam has resources to aid tobacco cessation. Contact us when you are ready to quit!
  • Interested in a smoke-free campus? Contact the SWATeam for more info!


  • Balanced Life: Do you view your daily life as a series of chores or fun challenges? Do you make time to do what you love? This is a great workshop for students wanting to learn how to be healthy and avoid burnout.


  • CHOICES: campus sanctioned 2 hour alcohol course
  • Promoting Healthy Decisions: campus sanctioned 1 hour alcohol course
  • Alcohol Facts & Low-Risk Strategies S.W.A.T. presents examples of high-risk drinking, explains the concept of a U.S. standard drink, explains Blood Alcohol Concentration, and provides a multitude of low-risk strategies for students who choose to drink alcohol. Some interactive & educational activities and discussions are included. Free alcohol related informational cards and magnets provided.

Suicide Prevention

  • Lifesavers Suicide Prevention Program (through the Suicide Prevention and Research Collaborative): delivered by two trained student peer educators the Lifesavers program is a 50 minute suicide awareness/prevention program.  The program is designed to teach people how to recognize the symptoms that someone is struggling, how to ask about it and intervene, and last how to refer that person to help.

             **To implement this program, we do need technology to be able to show a PowerPoint presentation.**

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Contact the SWATeam to request a personalized program on the health/wellness topic of your choice or about having the Student Health Service staff (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.) come to your class!


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