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Current Scholars

Tomorrow's Ph.D.'s

Take a look at the names and faces below, their majors, and their research interests, and hopefully you will notice that these student scholars are much like you. With hard work and a dedication to serious research, any Blugold could have a chance to take part in this life-changing program.

Savanna Bonlender

Savana Bonlender Portrait

Major: Biology
Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Dr. Tali Lee, Biology
Research project: Do Atropine and Diphenhydramine, Two Anticholinergic Drugs, Interact to Effect the Daphnia magna Heart Rate?


Celia Dickey

Celia Dickey Portrait

Major: ACS Biochemistry
Hometown: West St. Paul, Minnesota
Graduation Date:
May 2022
Dr. Brad Carter, Biology
Research project: Gene-Environment Interactions Affecting Methylmercury Toxicity in Development of Zebrafish


Cliff Hayes

Cliff Hayes Portrait

Major: Criminal Justice, Pre-Law
Hometown: Nekoosa, Wisconsin
Graduation Date:
May 2022
Dr. Jason Spraitz, Criminal Justice 
Research project: Forged in Fire: Rehabilitation on the Fire Line - A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Various Aspects of Carceral Firefighting Programs


Harry Mateski

Harry Mateski Portrait

Major: Comprehensive Political Science, Legal Studies Emphasis
Hometown: Thorp, Wisconsin
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Dr. Eric Kasper, Political Science
Research project: Are Window Display Bans in Public University Residence Halls Unconstitutional?


Jaden Mikoulinskii

Jaden Mikoulinski Portrait

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Neenah, Wisconsin
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Dr. Jeff Erger, Sociology
Research project: The First-Generation Student Experience in the UW-System: A Case Study


Andrea Peterson

Andrea Peterson Portrait

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Dr. Jamie Tester, Social Work
Research project: How Do Diverse College Experiences Affect the Mental Health and Academic Performance of College Students?


Adamary Rosas

Adamary Rosas Portrait

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Winona, Minnesota
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Dr. April Bleske-Rechek, Psychology
Research project: UWEC-Mayo Drivers of Burnout


Emma Vega Martinez

Emma Vega Martinez Portrait

Major: Biology
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Graduation Date: May 2023
Mentor: Dr. Derek Gingerich, Biology
Research project: The Red-Light Response Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana


Brandon Wegner

Brandon Wagner Portriat

Major: Social Work
Hometown: Shawano, WI
Graduation Date: May 2022
Mentor: Joshua Potter-Efron, Social Work
Research project: Familial and Societal Impacts on LGBTQIA+ College Students and Mental Health



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