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The UW-Eau Claire McNair Scholars' Journal

"This publication shows what happens when talented 'outliers' gain the right resources — like intentional mentoring from caring university professionals and membership in a learning community marked by both academic energy and racial/ethnic diversity. The authors whose articles appear here all entered graduate school after UW-Eau Claire . . . Read between the lines of the articles, and see why UW-Eau Claire's McNair program has produced the greatest number of doctoral-degree holders of any McNair program in the State of Wisconsin." - Dr. Patricia Quinn, director emerita of the McNair program

Read the most recent edition of Astra: The McNair Scholars Journal. This journal gives an overview of the research produced by the McNair scholars and their mentors. 

ASTRA 2022 Cover Photo

Do atropine and diphenhydramine, two anti-cholinergic drugs, interact to affect heart rate

Savanna Bonlender and Dr. Tali Lee 

Investigating gene-environment interactions affecting methylmercury toxicity during embryonic development in zebrafish  

Celia Dickey and Dr. Brad Carter 

Forged In Fire: Rehabilitation on The Fireline A Mixed Method Analysis of Carceral Firefighting Programs 

Cliff Hayes and Dr. Jason Spraitz 

How Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect the Mental Health and Academic Performance of College Students 

Andrea Peterson and Dr. Jamie Tester Morfoot 

Are Window Display Bans at Public Universities Constitutional? 

Harry Mateski and Dr. Eric Kasper 

Structural and Energetic Properties of OC–BX3 Complexes: Unrealized Potential for Bond-Stretch Isomerism 

Jordan Munos and Dr. James Phillips 

Black Masculinity in the Civil Rights Era: Non-Violent Protest Versus Armed Self-Defense 

Crystalina Peterson and Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton 

Predicting Burnout at Work from Personality Traits and Work Factors 

Adamary Rosas and Dr. April Bleske-Rechek 

Ciliary protein localization in Caenorhabditis elegans: a review exploring gar-3 as an additional localization factor 

Hailee Sparks and Dr. Jamie Lyman Gingerich 

Mental Health Clinicians’ Experiences in Transitioning to Telehealth Service Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Paige Suvanto, Dr. Mickey Crothers, and Dr. Kelly Wonder 

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