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Astra: The McNair Journal

The UW-Eau Claire McNair Scholars' Journal

"This publication shows what happens when talented 'outliers' gain the right resources — like intentional mentoring from caring university professionals and membership in a learning community marked by both academic energy and racial/ethnic diversity. The authors whose articles appear here all entered graduate school after UW-Eau Claire . . . Read between the lines of the articles, and see why UW-Eau Claire's McNair program has produced the greatest number of doctoral-degree holders of any McNair program in the State of Wisconsin." - Dr. Patricia Quinn, director emerita of the McNair program

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Read the most recent edition of Astra: The McNair Scholars Journal. This journal gives an overview of the research produced by the McNair scholars and their mentors.

Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Passage of Interplanetary Dust Particles - Tyler Gonzales

Musical String Inharmonicity - Chris Murray

Effects of Music on Athletic Performance - Cailen Y. Andrews

Perceptions of Hearing Students Towards Deaf People: A Change Within Education - Ximona Pederson

Analyzing Parasite: Abstract Meaning within Emblematic Framing - Sam Downing

A Walk in Her Shoes: How Women of Color Navigate a Predominately White Institution - Alejandra Serna

Cultural Competence: Understanding and Application by Health Care Professionals - Tiana Dorosz

Hindsight Bias in Judgements of Dating Couples - Kai Nguyen

University Counseling Center Staff’s Capability and Comfortability in Working with Students with Schizophrenia - Delaney Collins 

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