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Information and Schedules

In accordance with a state directive, UW-Eau Claire must hold a fire evacuation drill in each of its buildings. The university will be conducting these drills in all academic and support services buildings on September 18, 2023 and September 20, 2023. Residence halls hold fire drills separately from academics. To prepare for these drills, please read the following information carefully. NOTE: This notice applies only to the UW-Eau Claire campus. UW-Eau Claire-Barron County will be provided information later.



Fire evacuation drills provide an opportunity for each student and employee to practice exiting a building in the most efficient manner in anticipation of a real emergency. During the drills, university personnel will gather data on how long it takes people to exit. For a drill to be effective, everyone must evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds and remain outside, at least 150 feet from the building, until emergency personnel indicate the building is clear for reentry. Do not wait in streets or fire lanes. Do not re-enter when the alarm stops sounding. Wait to be notified the building is clear for re-entry. Please note that UW System policy prohibits anyone from remaining in a building while the alarm is activated, including for drills.

Special Needs

Individuals in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments should wait in the nearest stairwell rescue assistance area. These areas are clearly marked in adjacent corridors. If you see someone in a wheelchair or with other mobility impairment, ask him or her to remain calm and wait in the nearest stairwell rescue assistance area. Assure the individual you will notify emergency personnel of their location. As you exit the building, contact emergency personnel at the main entrance and tell them the location of any people you know to be in the rescue assistance areas. Evacuation of individuals waiting there is not required during a drill. In a real emergency, members of the Eau Claire Fire Department will evacuate people in wheelchairs or requiring other assistance.


Because the drills are meant to practice evacuating buildings, the element of surprise is not essential. Therefore, drills have been scheduled to minimize inconvenience. They will occur approximately five (5) minutes before the end of standard class periods or near the end of the majority of classes in the building to minimize disruption. At the beginning of a class period during which a drill will take place, please notify your students and instruct them to proceed to the nearest building exit when the alarm sounds and meet you at a designated location that you have previously identified so that you can account for your students’ departure from the building. They should take all their belongings with them when they leave and proceed to their next class if appropriate. As you leave, shut all doors and make sure the area is cleared.

Note: The fire drill information and schedule will only be distributed via email.  Notification of this drill will also be available on the Department of Risk Management, Safety & Sustainability website.

Any questions can be directed to Diane Hunter at ext. 36-3999. 

2023 Fire Drill Schedule

Date: Monday, September 18

8:45 am Flesch Family Welcome Center
9:45 am Hibbard Hall
10:45 am Haas Fine Arts
12:10 pm Human Sciences & Services
12:45 pm Phillips Hall

1:15 pm Maintenance and Central Stores
1:45 pm Hilltop Center
3:00 pm Centennial Hall
4:00 pm Schofield Hall

Date: Wednesday, September 20

8:45 am McPhee & Ade Olson Addition
9:45 am Brewer Hall, Zorn, & Kjer
10:55 am Nursing Building
11:45 am Schneider Hall
12:30 pm Power Plant
12:45 pm McIntyre Library & Vicki Lord Larson Hall
1:30 pm Davies Center
2:15 pm Crest Wellness Center

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