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Sustainability Learning Hub

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The Sustainability Learning Hub serves as a location to promote and highlight a number of key sustainability resources and educational opportunities. This site will be a central location for important information on UWEC sustainability initiatives, speakers, certifications and trainings. 

This page will continuously be updated and evolve throughout our journey of becoming a more sustainable campus and striving to meet our UWEC Climate Action Plan goals. 


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Building Sustainability in the Academy (ENV 395) 

A new class offered by Public Health and Environmental Studies, will be engaging students in the process of sustainable design and planning of the Sonnentag Event & Recreation Complex.  Click ENV 395 for more information and registration instructions. 


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Sustainability and Climate Action Certificate

There is an increasing interest in, and commitment to, climate action among current and prospective students.  This certificate, offered by the Public Health and Environmental Studies Department, is designed to highlight the challenges of climate change and also the means to address them.  Add a certificate to your degree with only 15 credits.

 Click here for more information.


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Sustainability Courses offered at UWEC

Human - Social - Economic - Environmental

Click Sustainability Courses offered at UWEC for a list of identified academic courses related to the main pillars of Sustainability.

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