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Lee Anna Rasar

Lee Anna Rasar
  • Music Education/Music Therapy
  • Music + Theatre Arts
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Lee Anna Rasar has received over 70 grants through the university, over 40 of which involved faculty –student collaborative research in the field of music therapy to assess, develop and revise new curriculum and to integrate the AMTA Professional Competencies into the music therapy program. Follow up work included a series of grants to explore Integrative Learning in music therapy when Rasar served as a UW –System Fellow in this arena for two years. This work was then continued with two faculty –student collaborative research projects to define Integrative Learning in Music Education when there were no longer music therapy students in courses. The most recent research grant was to continue a line of research on the ability of residents on a dementia unit for people in the later stages of dementia to perform complex rhythms.

Rasar received national awards from the American Music Therapy Association for her work in Clinical Practice and for her Service with her presenting at every regional and national conference for over 30 years and with students presenting with her at every national and regional conference for over 20 years to represent the research areas explored in the field, having served as chair of two national committees for over 30 years, including serving as the founding chair, and having served on the original committee that wrote the first certification exam in music therapy, being chosen to continue on as the senior member to provide continuity in the second round of that committee's work, and having served as well as on every Practice Analysis Committee (sets content for the exam) that CBMT has had, and on the Certification Board for Music Therapists as well as on numerous committees for them, including serving as the Board Liaison to the Exam Committee. She maintains her WMTR and her MT-BC and has held them since the inception of both programs. She has served on the Assembly of Delegates for the American Music Therapy Association for 37 years and served as President of both the largest and the smallest regions of NAMT/AMTA.

Rasar works in music therapy private practice and is also an employee of Western Wisconsin Music in Medicine. For the past 26 years she has volunteered many hours weekly at the Eau Claire County Jail, Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Sacred Heart Hospital, and Syverson Lutheran Home and on a monthly or bi-weekly basis at Chippewa Manor Nursing Home and at Our House, an assisted living/memory care facility in Chippewa. She also volunteers several times yearly at the Veterans Home in Chippewa Falls and at numerous long –term care centers and for the past 2 years has volunteered weekly at Dove Health Care. She was also chosen by Ft. Hood to help design therapeutic programming for their staff and families after the shooting. She presented anger management sessions at the Super Max prison in Colorado and also presented music therapy sessions and designed programming, taking a student with her who was offered the job at the end of the week, for Just Care, the only privately owned hospital prison in the United States with units for chemotherapy, for dialysis, and for TB –M.

  • B.A., University of Alabama
  • M.M.E., University of Georgia
  • Fellow, Robert F. Unkefer Academy of Neurologic Music Therapists, Colorado State University