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Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller
  • Professor
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Doctoral Thesis: "Understanding the High-Resolution X-Ray Spectra of Early Type Stars" ( postscript, gzipped ps , pdf ) PASP summary
  • XMM-Newton observations of beta Centauri (B1 III): The temperature structure in the hot plasma and the photosphere-wind connection
  • High-Resolution X-Ray Spectra of the Brightest OB Stars in the Cygnus OB2 Association (with UWEC student Justin Reiter)
  • High-resolution XMM-Newton X-ray spectra of tau SCORPII
  • High-Resolution Chandra Spectroscopy of tau Scorpii: A Narrow-Line X-Ray Spectrum from a Hot Star
  • High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of tau Scorpii (B0.2V) with XMM-Newton
  • Metallicities of Old Open Clusters
  • A Magnetically-Torqued Model for Be Star Disks ( A press release describing our results ) ( Another version. )
  • New Challenges for Wind Shock Models: The Chandra Spectrum of the Hot Star Delta Ori
  • The review article: "Recent Progress in Understanding the X-ray Sources in Hot Star Winds" for the meeting "Stellar Coronae in the Chandra and XMM-Newton Era" (pdf, gzipped postscript)
  • The meeting "Two years of Science with Chandra" (Wash. D.C., Sept. 5-7) ( page-sized gzipped ps poster )
  • The St. Paul Chandra meeting (July 2001): A comparison of the X-ray spectra of Delta Ori and Zeta Pup, The full Proceedings article,The full-size poster, A page-sized poster
  • Chandra Detection of Doppler-shifted X-Ray Line Profiles from the Wind of zeta Puppis (O4 F)
  • The Effects of Magnetic Fields on the Winds of Hot Stars, from Variable and Non-spherical Stellar Winds in Luminous Hot Stars, IAU Colloquium No. 169, B. Wolf, O. Stahl, and A. W. Fullerton, eds.

Research and Creative Activities
  • X-ray stellar astrophysics
  • Stellar winds of massive stars
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (Astronomy)
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison (Astronomy)
  • B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College (Physics)