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Cedar Marie (she/her/hers)

Cedar Marie Faculty Headshot
  • Associate Professor
  • Art & Design

Cedar Marie’s  artwork investigates the cultural shifts of small fishing and farming communities. As a conceptual artist, her artwork is site-specific: The history of a place, its people, and the analysis of cultural materials are intimately tied to the artwork she produces in order to express the conditions in which people work and live. It is necessary for her to step outside of the usual studio boundaries and into the field. This way of working situates her creative and experiential investigations at the intersections of art, visual culture, and social inquiry. The artwork acts as a buoy that navigates viewers from all walks of life into thinking about cultural change in their own communities and how this change can affect a sense of resiliency, home, and place.

Teaching Interests
  • Ideas
  • Sculpture
  • Art & Social Practice
Research and Creative Activities
  • Sustainable Fishing Communities
  • Art Writing
  • Curatorial Practice
  • M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison