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Jose Felipe Alvergue, Ph.D., M.F.A.

José Alvergue
  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • English
  • Latin American and Latinx Studies

Dr. Alvergue is a graduate of both the Cal Arts Writing (MFA) and Buffalo Poetics (PhD) programs. Rather than distinguish between critical and creative inquiry, his work engages the intersection of aesthetic experience and political discipline, and appears in numerous journals. He is the author of gist : rift : drift : bloom (2015) and precis (2017). His third book, scenery, is forthcoming with Fordham University Press. He is currently at work on a new project, asylum : After Nation, which is a scholarly-lyric investigation into the lasting, catastrophic effects on the meaning of national identity following the current practices of detention at the Mexico/US Border. His research shapes the way he approaches teaching, in that he believes we can’t unlock the empathy hidden behind words if we don’t understand what is at stake in the risk writers and artists take when they decide to transform the matter which makes up the world around them.

  • Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (English)
  • M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts, School of Critical Studies (Writing)
  • B.A., UC San Diego, John Muir College (Literature/Writing) - Departmental Honors with Distinction
Published Research


gist : rift : drift : bloom (Further Other Book Works 2015)

precis (Omnidawn 2017)

scenery (Fordham University Press 2020)

articles & essays

“Feeling the Riot: Fugitivity, Lyric, and Enduring Failure,” in 21|19: Reading in Proximity. Edited by Kristen Case and Alexandra Manglis. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions (March 2019), 33-62.

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“The Material Etymologies of Cecilia Vicuña: Art, Sculpture, and Poetic Communities,” the minnesota review, Spring 2014, Issue 82: 59-96.           

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poetry & poetics 

"senescence," P-Queue, V. 16, Fall 2019.

"riot: scott, king, long." Touch the Donkey, Issue 22, Summer 2019.

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“The Red Glow of Flooded Americas,” P-Queue 4 (2007): 127-146.

“Wealths & the Orchids,” Nocturnes 3, (re)view of the literary arts: the “blues,” (Spring 2004) Audio CD supplement of studio recording.

prose & fiction

“Those, Autumns of Dust,” Trepan 5: monstrous (2006): 65-75.

“______-american,” Black Clock 3 (Spring 2005).           

“Dolores de la Primavera,” Fourteen Hills (Spring 2002,) Vol. 8 No. 2: 25-32.