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The votes are in: UWEC’s 10 favorite Instagram photos of 2023

We asked, you answered. Blugolds have spoken and we're pleased to share the 10 favorite Instagram pictures of 2023. In a perfect blend of campus beauty, student activities and hallmark campus events, these images look back on another great year to be a Blugold! 

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male student seating in the sunny 2nd floor window lounge of Centennial Hall

It's hard to deny the beauty of our snow-covered campus on a bright winter day. This much-liked image depicts all that beauty along with the peaceful solitude of study time alone.

male student in Blugold long sleeve t playing frisbee

Maybe selected for its show of Blugold resilience, this favorite photo captures the mood on campus when the weather starts warming up and outdoor fun is top of mind for all.

Dancers at the Annual Viennese Ball

Our incredible campus events always shine in photos, but stunners like this one from the 48th Annual Viennese Ball make it fun to start planning ahead to dancing the night away in 2024!

girls in hammocks on upper campus at UWEC, reading books

Nothing says spring fever for Blugolds quite like hammock season, that magical time when brown grass and bare trees never felt so incredible. Here's to next spring and the joy of season-rushing in the sunshine!

students attending 2023 NCUR conference walking on campus on a sunny day

These happy students were among the 3,600 undergraduates from across the nation to present their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, hosted by UW-Eau Claire.

Jazz Fest players warming up on the rocks outside the Pablo Center

This winning photo has it all in terms of cool factor — the lighting, the reflections on the wet ground, the fantastic Pablo Center backdrop and, of course, the Blugold jazz musicians launching into Jazz Fest 2023 with flair.

three women graduating at UWEC, in caps and gowns

There are always so many incredible photos of Blugold commencement, and it's not surprising that this threesome was a fan favorite. It's a day to celebrate accomplishments and lifelong friendships.

students attending Blugold Experience Day walking through campus mall

This photo might have been a student favorite because it brings them back to orientation at Blugold Experience Days. Those moments of anticipation and excitement make powerful memories.

September sunset

This photo was destined to be a favorite, based on the huge popularity of campus sunsets on the Chippewa River. We even have special Sunset Visits for prospective students and families!

Fall on campus, student walking by tall dry grasses

This favorite fall photo may have well been selected because you can almost smell the fall in the air when you see these tall golden grasses and the first hints of turning leaves.