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From Kidneys to Squirrels: 20 Blugold Research Projects Underway Now

| Chelsea Wisner

Whether the topic is improving patient outcomes for cancer patients or analyzing the effects of Snapchat on Gen Z, UW-Eau Claire students are asking interesting questions and letting their curiosity inspire their research. Over 200 UWEC students are presenting their findings this week at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, which is hosted on UWEC’s campus. Get a sense for the breadth of topics Blugolds are covering from this list of 20 research project titles. 

  1. The Rise of QAnon: From a Chatroom Board to an International Movement 

  1. Perspectives on Teacher Shortage and Retention among K-12 Principals in Rural Areas 

  1. Physical, emotional, and social health perceptions from players and ex-players playing Pokémon Go 

  1. Representation Matters: Communication Disorders in Children's Literature 

  1. Considerations for Implementing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Practices into an Elementary Classroom 

  1. “Hoped and Wished My Life Would Feel Enchanted”:  Queer Worldbuilding Within The Little Mermaid 

  1. Virtual Reality in Hospice and Palliative Care 

  1. Materials Characterization of Foam for Insulative Use to Optimize Tumor Ablations 

  1. Improving diagnosis of kidney cancer using Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging 

  1. Remaking Culture: Hmong American Queer and Refugee Identities 

  1. “Childish Platform” or Universal Medium: Making sense of Gen Z’s Snapchat Attitudes and Usage 

  1. Ground Penetrating Radar Analysis of Holocaust Mass Grave Site in Alytus, Lithuania 

  1. Measuring the Impact of a Dementia Simulation with Health Care Administration Students 

  1. Writing an Original Composition for Clarinet and Piano 

  1. Modeling Diffusion in Accreting White Dwarf Stars 

  1. You’re Reading What, Now? The History of Book Banning in the U.S. and Its Societal Consequences 

  1. Improving Patient Outcomes for Cancerous Tumor Removal 

  1. What’s all that noise about?: Alarm-calling in California ground squirrels 

  1. Ties Between Social Media Use and ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety-Related Symptoms 

  1. Things Unseen and Unheard: A Study of Representation in Photography 

No matter if you’re studying theater or microbiology, there are countless ways to get involved with research. In fact, 40% of Blugolds complete a research experience before graduation! Undergraduate research gives students the opportunity to dive deeper into their studies, build their resumes and, in some cases, even make money. Learn more about research at UW-Eau Claire by visiting the Office of Research and Sponsorship.