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Falling for UW-Eau Claire: Autumn splendor in photos

| Denise Olson

Photo caption: Since its dedication in 2019, the Stowe Family Gateway has made the entrance to UW-Eau Claire a welcoming walk. With these fantastic fall colors, you may never want to walk back out!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and as the grandeur of autumn in Wisconsin rolls into full force, we are going to let this collection of campus images do all the talking for us. Soaking these in, you can almost smell the crisp fall air, hear the crunch of leaves on the ground and, of course, taste the pumpkin spice everything. 

aerial shot of all of campus and Water St

From Hibbard Hall to the edges of upper campus, this September aerial shot shows not only the expanse of UWEC wrapped around this bend in the river, but also the beauty of a fall sunrise on a calm October morning.

Red leaves on the maple trees in front of Centennial Hall

Even on a drizzly fall day, the beauty of campus trees makes the passing time between classes more enjoyable. The view from these windows of Centennial Hall is a stunner!

female student on the campus patio at a tble using laptop and headphones, smiling

Whether it's a hot coffee, a soda or one of these delicious cold frothy concoctions, the many patios at UWEC provide ample space to sit, sip and study in these last warm weeks outdoors.

View of campus hill from the shore of the river under the footbridge

Any season is a great time to walk the rocky riverbed along the Chippewa River on campus, but this view of the fall colors on the hill is a little extra special.

one wheel device rider on the UWEC footbridge on a fall day

Commuting by Onewheel is already pretty cool, and add in the fall colors under the footbridge and it's spectacular.

aerial shot of the athletics fields at Carson Park

We prefer to see the Carson Park stands full of cheering Blugold fans, but this early fall morning view of fields is pretty great — our teams and fans have some wonderful game venues to enjoy.

students walking through the Stowe Gateway and Garfield Ave mall on a fall day

We may have seen the last of warm fall days like this, those days that end in T-shirts and shorts after class.

Stowe Gateway at UW-Eau Claire in fall sunshine

The afternoon sun on the fall flowers and our gateway make a postcard-ready image. This place is something to write home about!

spectacular sunset over the Chippewa River, purples, blues, gold

The campus sunsets are so spectacular we decided to create Sunset Visits through Admissions. They are even more gorgeous in person!