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Alumni spotlight: Cinthia Rozanski ’92

| Gary Johnson

Photo caption: Cinthia Rozanski was a recipient of the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association’s Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award in May 2023.

UW-Eau Claire helped shape Cinthia Rozanski, who dedicates herself to every opportunity to volunteer and help.

Among her many volunteering activities are recording Holocaust survivors’ testimonies for the Shoah Project and translating documents for the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, helping immigrants with their asylum cases.

Rozanski came to the university from Argentina to join her then-boyfriend, Horacio Rozanski, who had arrived from Argentina a year earlier while she completed a teaching degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies. She graduated magna cum laude from UW-Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After a summer internship the year before her senior year, Cinthia received an offer to join a Big Six accounting firm upon graduation, earning her CPA license the following year. 

Cinthia and Horacio were the first students from Argentina to attend UW-Eau Claire and they were married in the backyard of longtime Spanish professor Dr. Roma Hoff.

Cinthia was a UW-Eau Claire Campus Ambassador while at school, and she is grateful for the opportunities the university gave her. She was the first college graduate in her family, and she is thankful for her amazing host family who opened the doors to this country and the kind, welcoming Eau Claire community.

Cinthia, who lives in the Washington, D.C., area with her husband, says she always will be grateful for the excellent education she received and the appreciation for this country’s values she learned while at UW-Eau Claire. The Rozanskis have started a scholarship for first-generation college-bound Hispanic students, to help bring more young people to the place that changed their lives.

She says she always will be grateful that she attended UW-Eau Claire and suggests that graduates be open to opportunities that arise.

“I am excited for all of you who are ready to leave UW Eau Claire and see where life takes you,” she says in her advice to graduates. “You have a solid foundation in the education you just acquired and the values you have lived by while a student here that will serve you well in life. As you follow the path ahead, remain true to what you learned here, always give back and never let fear keep you from chasing a new opportunity.”

Rozanski was a recipient of the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association’s Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award in May 2023.