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Alumni spotlight: Abigail Rindo ’05

Photo caption: Abigail Rindo was a recipient of the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association’s President’s Award in May 2023.

Abigail Rindo is a passionate storyteller and veteran game maker, shipping more than 20 titles on various platforms in her career. Using her skills in creative direction and design, she has helped to create memorable new game worlds and worked with some of the most beloved brands in the world on entries like Candy Crush Saga and Disney Heroes.

Rindo, who earned a bachelor’s degree in art, says her Blugold education has contributed to her agility and curiosity as she uses the illustration and art history knowledge she gained at UW-Eau Claire every day in her work.

“I would not have been able to seamlessly move between crafts in games without the scientific and academic mindset granted to me by a liberal arts degree,” Rindo says. “On any given day I could use information from my science, art or literature courses.”

Rindo says the critical peer feedback she received in her art education courses prepared her to be a gaming industry leader “and helped me ensure high-quality work when I created concept and marketing art early in my game career.”

“It also helped me build resilience when it comes to having my own work judged and critiqued,” she says.

Artist, writer and world traveler, Rindo lives blissfully in Stockholm, Sweden, with her husband and their pets. She has some advice for new Blugold graduates.

“My career path has been a bit of a winding road,” Rindo says when asked about advice to graduates. “Don't be afraid for yours to be the same. The world we live in is complex and there are a lot of interesting problems to solve in it. Try new things, follow your passions and aim for the highest possible quality in your endeavors. Look at the people you admire in your field and strive for the same level of craftsmanship in your work. Make work you can be proud of.”

Rindo was a recipient of the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association’s President’s Award in May 2023 that recognizes outstanding professional and personal achievements and service to UW-Eau Claire.