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Go Abroad Affordably and Graduate Sooner!

The FLIIE program was originally created to increase access for all students to high-impact study abroad experiences during their UW-Eau Claire undergraduate career. Faculty-led programs can offer an alternative to a full semester study abroad, and therefore might fit better into degree programs for some students without extending time to graduation.

The objective of the FLIIE program is to increase access for all full-time undergraduate UW-Eau Claire students to be able to participate in a study abroad experience by defraying some of the program costs through Blugold Commitment funding. Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to receive $500 per week of the program, up to a maximum of $2,000.*


In addition, UWEC-funded "Gold for Blugolds" scholarships are also available for students participating on ***CREDIT BEARING*** FLIIE programs. One application will allow you to apply for DOZENS of these UW-Eau Claire-funded scholarships! Click for the LIST OF SCHOLARSHIPS and HOW TO APPLY.

Scholarship Deadlines:

  • Summer Programs: open in January, due March 15
  • Winterim Programs: open in June, due August 15

FLIIE programs are offered for 2-5 weeks during Summer or Winterim sessions. FLIIE programs are designed to be interdisciplinary and collaborative, have a meaningful impact on the people and places of the host community, and contribute to beneficial relationships with the host community. Through dialogue and relationship building, students become more aware of and reflect on multiple perspectives. Guided, critical reflection is a key component to students' transformations as they seek a deeper understanding of another culture as well as their own. A meaningful engagement within the cultural environment inspires students to analyze the foundational assumptions that govern their thoughts and actions. Successful completion of all FLIIE programs provide all students with LE Core R2 credit.

All student participants must apply through the Study Abroad website, maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA (varies by program), and remain in good academic standing to participate. Some programs have required prerequisite courses. All students will attend an orientation during the semester before their program.

Application requirements
  • Transcript
  • Application Fee of $30 (non-refundable)
  • Application Questionnaire
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • UW-System Release Statement
Application deadlines
  • Winterim Programs
    • Priority Deadline: April 1
    • Extended Deadline: September 15
  • Summer Programs
    • Priority Deadline: December 1
    • Extended Deadline: February 15

For additional information or questions contact Jeff DeGrave,, 715-836-4471.

Students in the jungle in Guatemala on cultural immersion experience.

Current FLIIE programs

Curious about the faculty-led international immersion program? See where students can go this year to learn about the rich cultural diversity around the world.

See the world

* The Blugold Commitment was created to allow greater access, affordability, and participation in exceptional high-impact practices such as FLIIE programs for all full-time UW-Eau Claire undergraduates, to ensure that more of these opportunities are available for these students, and to increase the numbers of students who participate. UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students are encouraged to engage in multiple high-impact immersion programs and every full-time tuition-paying undergraduate student at UW-Eau Claire is eligible to receive Blugold funding for one (1) FLIIE experience. Any student who has participated in a previous FLIIE experience is not eligible to receive funding through Blugold funding for a second FLIIE experience. The only exception to this is if a student who participated in a previous FLIIE experience returns as a student leader of the same program.

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