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Current Faculty-Led International Immersion Programs

Where can you explore next?

Curious about faculty-led international immersion programs? See where you can go this year to learn more about the world.


Winterim 2023 Programs

Applications are now open!

Summer 2023 programs

Applications for Summer 2023 will open in Fall semester 2023!
  • Argentina: Culture, Society, and Economics
  • Central European Travel Seminar (CETS) 
  • China: Globalization
  • England: King Arthur
  • Great Britain: Public History
  • Finland and Estonia: Sustainable Societies
  • Japan: Kinesiology
  • South Africa: Social Work

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Blugolds (from left) Samantha Maurer, Bekah Henn and Alyssa Hanson biked in the Wachau Valley during a summer immersion program in Central Europe. They visited multiple countries, learning about the history and culture of the region.

World travelers wanted, no experience needed

The Central European Travel Seminar (CETS) is an exciting way for Blugolds to be immersed in European history and culture over the summer. Recently, Blugolds Samantha Maurer, Bekah Henn and Alyssa Hanson, along with two faculty leaders, spent three weeks in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia.

During the immersion, students learned about the complications facing Central Europe, a region caught between empires, world wars and the Cold War. Beyond learning the history of the region, traveling to Central Europe also helped the students learn to navigate foreign cultures, gain confidence in their ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and even help them discover potential new career paths.

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