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A domestic intercultural immersion experience at UW-Eau Claire is defined as a guided, critically-reflective intercultural experience outside the classroom designed to challenge and transform students' perspectives regarding cultural norms and values. 

Full-time UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students are eligible to receive 90% of their program costs covered by Blugold Commitment funding.* Eligible program costs include airfare, lodging, excursions, admission fees, and local transportation. DII funding cannot cover tuition or student meals.

DII programs are scheduled during Winterim, Spring Break, or Summer sessions, and run between five days and two weeks. Students must apply directly through the faculty leader listed for each project.

People's beliefs, customs, experiences and environment create shared ways of perceiving and engaging in the world. Through dialogue and relationship building, students become more aware of and reflect on multiple perspectives. Guided, critical reflection is a key component to students' transformations as they seek a deeper understanding of another culture as well as their own. A meaningful engagement within the cultural environment inspires students to analyze the foundational assumptions that govern their thoughts and actions.

Find the Right Domestic Immersion Program for YOU and Apply Now!

If you have questions about a specific program or how to apply, please contact:

Jeff DeGrave, Intercultural Immersions Coordinator at mailto: or (715) 836-4471

Goals of the DII Program

  • To engage learners firsthand with various cultures, populations and environments within the U.S.
  • To deepen learners' understandings of intercultural dynamics as they relate to the UW-Eau Claire Liberal Education Learning Goals.
Participation in the DII programs will help students to:
  • Develop new perspectives of the world and their interactions in it
  • Deepen their academic knowledge and practical experiences
  • Expand your interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Make new friendships
  • Engage in the environment of the project and take learning outside of the classroom
  • Develop skill sets necessary for their future careers
  • See their world in a whole new light

For all of the details about DII programs, download and read the DII Student Handbook 2023-24.

* The Blugold Commitment exists to allow greater access, affordability, and participation in exceptional high-impact practices such as DIIs for all UW-Eau Claire undergraduates, to ensure that more of these opportunities are available for these students, and to increase the numbers of students who participate. UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in multiple high-impact immersion programs and every full-time tuition-paying undergraduate student at UW-Eau Claire is eligible to receive Blugold funding for one (1) DII experience. Any student who has participated in a previous DII experience is not eligible to receive funding through Blugold funding for a second DII experience. The only exception to this is if a student who participated in a previous DII experience returns as a student leader to the same program.

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