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Live well. Work well. Be well.

UW-Eau Claire strives to improve the health and wellbeing of our campus community as part of our ongoing commitment to invest in our faculty and staff. The opportunities and resources below support healthy lifestyles and promote healthy practices, and we encourage you to explore and participate!

Employee Wellbeing is an Okanagan program. The Okanagan Charter is a framework that emerged from the 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges. It calls for higher education institutions to embed health and wellbeing into all aspects of campus life, promoting a holistic approach to student and community wellness.



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Wellbeing Dimensions & Resources

We are all multi-faceted human beings with interacting dimensions of wellbeing. Learn more about all the resources and benefits available to you to boost your well-being.

Learn & Grow
Instructor Scott Lester leads Supervisory Management class for Continuing Education

Professional Development Portal

Explore professional development opportunities for supervisors and employees to enable you to create affirming workplaces for all employees.

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Chancellor's Advisory Council on Wellbeing

Supported by the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, the Chancellor's Advisory Council on Wellbeing advises the Chancellor and their executive team, communicates with all campus stakeholders and champions UW-Eau Claire’s well-being initiatives in order to: 

  • Create a healthier workplace,
  • Foster a campus culture of well-being,
  • Encourage collaboration and engagement among faculty & staff within and across divisions,
  • Provide a communication “link” among faculty & staff and with University leaders, and
  • Form workgroups to execute and support initiatives that create a well-being benefit.

Questions, Feedback or Suggestions?

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Employee Wellbeing is supported by the Department of Human Resources, a unit of the Division of Finance & Administration.