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Professional Development Portal

Looking for Professional Development Opportunities?

Several departments across campus offer professional development for faculty and staff. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. Check out the links below for more information regarding workshops currently being offered across campus.

  • Blugold Excellence in Leadership

    Explore various models of leadership through current literature and exercises. The areas to be explored include self-leadership, one-to-one leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership. These sessions offer discussion, personal awareness and growth exercises for any level of leader.

    Workshops Offered
    • Excellence in Leadership - Session 7 + 8
    • Excellence in Leadership 1 + 2 - Self-Leadership
    • Excellence in Leadership 3 + 4 - One-to-One Leadership
    • Excellence in Leadership 5 + 6 - Team Leadership
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  • Blugold Excellence in Supervision

    This program introduces newly promoted, as well as those with minimal or advanced experience, to fundamental supervisory techniques, concepts, and consistent practices.

    Workshops Offered
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Performance Management at UWEC
    • Representing UWEC
    • Servant Leadership at UWEC
    • Supervision at UWEC
    • What Planet Are They From?
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  • CETL Programming

    Programming for faculty and staff to enhance their work as educators. We offer inclusive space for faculty and staff to meet for personal and professional growth. We focus on teaching, learning, and instructional technology.

    Workshops Offered
    • Advanced Kaltura
    • Canvas Basics Part 1
    • Canvas Basics Part 2
    • Canvas Quizzes
    • CETL Certificate Program
    • Collaborate Ultra Engagement
    • Creating Digital Assignments with University Software
    • Creating Videos
    • Engaging Students Using Groups
    • Facilitating Synchronous Class in Collaborate Ultra
    • Flipgrid
    • Kaltura Basics
    • Looking Beyond COVID-19: Planning for Your Future Teach Abroad
    • Navigating Hybrid Modes of Teaching
    • Over Prepare and Go with the Flow: Planning for Fall 2020
    • Padlet
    • Podcast Professional Development Group: Teaching and Learning Online
    • Rubrics
    • Talk Through Your Course
    • Video Options: Powerpoint
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  • Equity, Diversity + Inclusion Programming

    Tier 2 EDI programming provides participants with the conceptual framework, opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion, and skill-building experience necessary for being an effective advocate for equity and diversity.

    Workshops Offered
    • Teaching Inclusively & Equitably Online: Using an Inclusive Pedagogical Framework
    • Addressing Religious Identity in the Classroom
    • Afternoon with Dr. Cornel West: Rage, Religion and Politics in a Year of Global Calamity
    • Blood on the Medicine Line: Please Allow Me to Self-Identify
    • Blugold Dialogue Brown Bag "Bamboo Ceiling"
    • Blugold Dialogue: As a Tool for Colonization - Reflections of the Native Student Experience in Higher Education
    • Blugold Dialogue: Women Warriors: Reclaiming Identity in the Face of Resistance
    • Campus Connect: Suicide Awareness and Intervention
    • CETL Reading Group Series: Stereotype Threat and Implications for the Classroom
    • Civil Rights Pilgrimage
    • Community through the Camera Lens and Adapting Equity Projects to Virtual Environments
    • Confronting Problematic Behaviors
    • Create/Edit Assignments Using Transparent Design
    • Critical Conversations
    • Diversity Forum 2020: The Pandemic Effect: Exposing Racism & Inequities - A Virtual Conference
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: 13th Documentary
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: American Heart
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Killing Us Softly 4
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Maineland
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Ovarian Psycos
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Paragraph 175
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Pray the Devil Back to Hell
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Somali Stories of Family Separation
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: The Mask You Live In
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Unslut
    • EDI Independent Lecture Viewing: Promoting Equitable Access for Students With Disabilities
    • EDI Independent Podcast Series: 1619
    • EDI Independent Webinar Workshop: Cultural Appropriation of South Asian Culture
    • EDI Reading and Video Clip Dialogue Group: Whiteness, Allyship, and Taking Action
    • EDI Webinar: Creating Communities of Belonging: Stronger Together – Best Practices to be Anti-Racist
    • EDI Webinar: Creating Communities of Belonging: Understanding the Perspectives of Student-Athletes on Racial Justice
    • EDI Webinar: Ibram X. Kendi on "How to Be an Antiracist"
    • EDI Webinar: Transnational Blackness: A Conversation about Race and Racism Around the World
    • Effects of Socioeconomic Background on Students’ University Experience
    • Eliminating Non-Inclusive Language toward Native Americans
    • Equity in Higher Education and Diversity in Children’s Literature
    • Evicted Reading Group
    • Excluded Reading Group Series
    • Film and Discussion: Somali Stories of Family Separation
    • Having Difficult Conversations in the Classroom or Your Office
    • Ho-Chunk Nation: Past, Present and Future
    • How Much Racial Discrimination is There Really? Evidence from Field Experiments
    • Human Diversity Expo
    • Humanizing the Migrant Experience Through Culturally Competent Approaches in First Year Writing and Infographics and Intersectionality
    • Identifying and Responding to the Mental Health Needs of UWEC Students: A Comprehensive Guide for Faculty and Staff
    • Identity, Privilege and Oppression
    • Implement Inclusive Pedagogy Using Universal Design
    • Inclusive Online Teaching Practices
    • Indigenous Worldviews, Community Thinking, and Responsible Relationships
    • Innovation That Leads to Graduation and Beyond: Building Bridges to Encourage, Engage and Empower Opportunity Youth in Wisconsin
    • Live Webinar Discussion: Yoga, Henna, and Sweatshops - Cultural Appropriation of South Asian Culture
    • Live Webinar: Ramadan 101 - Supporting Muslim students and community during Ramadan during the 2020 Pandemic
    • Microaggressions
    • Microaggressions 2.0: Responding to Microaggressions
    • Microaggressions Part 2: Responding to Microaggressions
    • Native American Student Experience
    • Operationalizing EDI in Supervision
    • Organizing for Racial and Gender Justice in an Era of Trumpism through a Hmong Feminist Lens
    • Presumed Incompetent Reading Group
    • Queer Intersectionality Short Film Series and Dialogue
    • Racing Toward Justice Conversation: Native American Heritage Month with Dr. Kim Tallbear
    • Racing Toward Justice: Conversation with Roxane Gay
    • Racing Toward Justice: In Conversation with Alok Vaid-Menon
    • Racing Toward Justice: In Conversation with Saeed Jones
    • Ramadan 101 Webinar Recording
    • Reading Group: How to Be an Antiracist
    • Reading Group: How We Fight for Our Lives: A Memoir
    • Reading Group: Juliet Takes A Breath
    • Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions in the Classroom
    • Recognizing and Responding to Sexism in the Workplace and Classroom Panel
    • Resolving Generational Conflicts: Understanding and Navigating Generational Differences at Work
    • Safe Space Training
    • Safeguarding Quality, Equity, and Inclusion as Learning Moves Online
    • Supporting Latinx Students through Culture
    • Teaching about Race and Racism in the College Classroom CETL Reading Group Series
    • Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom Cornell University Course
    • Teaching Inclusively & Equitably Online: Course Outcomes and Storyboarding
    • The Forum Series: Mohammed Bilal "12 Steps Towards Diversity"
    • The Gender Gap: What is it and what can we do?
    • The Hate You Give Reading Group Series
    • Towards Inclusion: Creating Safe Spaces and Building Inclusive Classroom Communities for LGBTQ+ Youth
    • Trans 101
    • Understanding the International Student Experience
    • UndocuBlugold Training: An Introduction to Undocumented College Students
    • UWEC Black Student Success: Diverse Perspectives & Practical Approaches
    • Veteran Students and Suicide Prevention
    • What Do You Know About Your Neighbors?: Recognizing the Native Land and People in Your Community
    • What the Hmong: An Introduction of the American Hmong Experience
    • Who We Are: The Stories of Marginalized Students in Higher Education
    • Wind River Screening and Discussion
    • Wisconsin Act 31 Compliance: Reflecting on Two Decades of American Indian Content in the Classroom
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  • Growth Mindset for Leaders

    Exclusive learning opportunity for Supervisors, Managers, and those in a leadership position in all UWEC departments. This program explores the fundamentals of leadership through exploration of UWEC centric practices, and through general leadership principles in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and 6 Critical Practices for Leadership (Franklin Covey). Registration upon cohort invitation required.

    Workshops Offered
    • 6 Critical Practices for Leadership
    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    • Department Chair Fundamentals
    • Employee Performance Management
    • Hire to Retire
    • Leadership at the Speed of Trust (optional)
    • Policeies, Benefits & Career
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  • PowerPoint

    Learn how to spice up your PowerPoint presentations!

    Workshops Offered
    • PowerPoint Poster
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The Firstsource Support Team offers 30-minute individual, small group and department-specific travel training (additional time may be scheduled).

Unravel Your Travel

  • Travel authorization – if required
  • Best practices for travel booking
  • Airfare, lodging, vehicle rental
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Cash advance process
  • Expense reimbursement
  • How to get your expense reimbursement report approved the first time
  • Top 5 expense report send back reasons and how to avoid them
  • Student travel
  • Updates, tips and tools

Contact the Firstsource Support Team, (715-836-3131) of the ASK Center to schedule.


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