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Professional Development Portal

Looking for Professional Development Opportunities?

Several departments across campus offer professional development for faculty and staff. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. Check out the links below for more information regarding workshops currently being offered across campus.

  • Blugold Excellence in Leadership

    Explore various models of leadership through current literature and exercises. The areas to be explored include self-leadership, one-to-one leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership. These sessions offer discussion, personal awareness and growth exercises for any level of leader.

    Workshops Offered
    • Excellence in Leadership - Session 7 + 8
    • Excellence in Leadership 1 + 2 - Self-Leadership
    • Excellence in Leadership 3 + 4 - One-to-One Leadership
    • Excellence in Leadership 5 + 6 - Team Leadership
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  • Blugold Excellence in Supervision

    This program introduces newly promoted, as well as those with minimal or advanced experience, to fundamental supervisory techniques, concepts, and consistent practices.

    Workshops Offered
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Performance Management at UWEC
    • Representing UWEC
    • Servant Leadership at UWEC
    • Supervision at UWEC
    • What Planet Are They From?
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  • CETL Programming

    Programming for faculty and staff to enhance their work as educators. We offer inclusive space for faculty and staff to meet for personal and professional growth. We focus on teaching, learning, and instructional technology.

    Workshops Offered
    • Faculty Fridays Open Write
    • Grading and Feedback Efficiencies
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Accepting Late Work
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Cold Calling, Asking for Volunteers, and Other Alternatives for Student Contributions to Class
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Considerations When Teaching a Larger Class
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Creating Your Own Research Adventure
    • Successful Teaching Practices: More than Q & A: Facilitating Discussions in Class
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Using Short Writing Exercises in Class
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  • Equity, Diversity + Inclusion Programming

    Tier 2 EDI programming provides participants with the conceptual framework, opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion, and skill-building experience necessary for being an effective advocate for equity and diversity.

    Workshops Offered
    • Teaching Inclusively & Equitably Online: Using an Inclusive Pedagogical Framework
    • A Generational Change in Attitudes about Same-Sex Marriage. What Teachers Need to Know
    • Addressing Religious Identity in the Classroom
    • American Son Film and Discussion
    • Black Girl in Suburbia Film and Discussion
    • Blugold Dialogue: Conversation Around Race in Predominately White Institutions
    • Blugold Dialogue: Honest Discussion on Race
    • Blugold Dialogue: Women Warriors: Reclaiming Identity in the Face of Resistance
    • Burn the House Down & Fabulous
    • Campus Connect: Suicide Awareness and Intervention
    • Confronting Problematic Behaviors
    • Dismantling the ‘U.S. versus International’ Dichotomy: Creating Synergy between Intercultural and Diversity/Social Justice Approaches
    • Diverse Voices Book Challenge
    • Don’t Call Me Crazy: Navigating Mental Health with Compassion, Understanding, and Honesty
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Killing Us Softly 4
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Paragraph 175
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Pray the Devil Back to Hell
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Somali Stories of Family Separation
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: The Mask You Live In
    • EDI Independent Film Viewing Series: Unslut
    • Effects of Socioeconomic Background on Students’ University Experience
    • Eliminating Non-Inclusive Language toward Native Americans
    • Equity in the Classroom Conference
    • Evicted Reading Group
    • Examining Our Biases
    • Excluded Reading Group Series
    • Exploring Activist Scholarship
    • Film and Discussion: Somali Stories of Family Separation
    • Hmong People in Wisconsin
    • How Much Racial Discrimination is There Really? Evidence from Field Experiments
    • Human Diversity Expo
    • Identifying and Responding to the Mental Health Needs of UWEC Students: A Comprehensive Guide for Faculty and Staff
    • Indigenous People's Day
    • Indigenous Worldviews, Community Thinking, and Responsible Relationships
    • Innovation That Leads to Graduation and Beyond: Building Bridges to Encourage, Engage and Empower Opportunity Youth in Wisconsin
    • LGBTQ Inclusion in STEM
    • Microaggressions
    • Microaggressions 2.0: Responding to Microaggressions
    • Microaggressions Part 2: Responding to Microaggressions
    • One Taxi Ride
    • Operationalizing EDI
    • Operationalizing EDI in Supervision
    • Organizing for Racial and Gender Justice in an Era of Trumpism through a Hmong Feminist Lens
    • Promoting Equitable Access for Students with Disabilities
    • Race-Based Team Names and Imagery
    • Reading Group: How to Be an Antiracist
    • Reading Group: Two-Faced Racism: Whites in the Backstage and Frontstage
    • Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions in the Classroom
    • Recognizing and Responding to Sexism in the Workplace and Classroom Panel
    • Refugees & Immigrants in Barron County: The Voices of Despair and Hope
    • Resolving Generational Conflicts: Understanding and Navigating Generational Differences at Work
    • Safe Space Training
    • Small Teaching CETL Reading Group Series
    • Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning
    • Starting the Conversation about EDI: Key Ideas to Lay the Foundation
    • Successful Teaching Practices: Understanding Chinese Learners
    • Supporting Latinx Students through Culture
    • Teachers, Equity, Academic Excellence, Community and Hope: A Message for Those Who Dare to Teach
    • Teaching Inclusively & Equitably Online: Course Outcomes and Storyboarding
    • Teachings of the Quran Panel and Q&A
    • The Forum: Ibram X. Kendi - How to be an Antiracist
    • The Hate You Give Reading Group Series
    • The Infiltrators (Opening Night!)
    • The Story of Affirmative Action
    • The Student Experience Training Series: Southeast Asian/Hmong American
    • Thirteenth Film and Discussion
    • Through the Intersectional Cracks
    • Towards Inclusion: Creating Safe Spaces and Building Inclusive Classroom Communities for LGBTQ+ Youth
    • Trans 101
    • Transparent Design Promotes Equitable Opportunities for Student Success
    • UndocuBlugold Training: An Introduction to Undocumented College Students
    • UWEC Black Student Success: Diverse Perspectives & Practical Approaches
    • Veteran Students and Suicide Prevention
    • What Do You Know About Your Neighbors?: Recognizing the Native Land and People in Your Community
    • What Planet Are They From?
    • What the Hmong: An Introduction of the American Hmong Experience
    • Writing Across the Curriculum and High-Impact Practices
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  • Housing and Residence Life

    The Housing and Residence Life Department is offering ongoing professional development and training opportunities to department employees.

    Workshops Offered
    • Resident Assistant EDI Film Viewing and Discussion: Saving Face
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  • LTS Software Training

    These trainings are specifically for university supported software (Excel, PowerPoint, Qualtrics, InDesign, etc.) that LTS Training supports.

    Workshops Offered
    • iMovie
    • PowerPoint Poster: Research Poster
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Supervisory Management Certificate Program

Faculty and staff at UW-Eau Claire and UWEC-Barron County can develop critical leadership skills through the Continuing Education Supervisory Management Certificate Program at no cost to them or their departments. Attend the three core leadership courses plus six days of elective courses within 5 years to obtain the certificate. Attendees must be approved to participate. Click here to start the approval process. Please contact Scott Janke at or 715-836-3365 for complete information and registration instructions.

Courses Offered:
  • Learning to Lead – core class
  • Orientation, Time Management, and Delegations – core class
  • Employee Evaluation and Performance Management – core class 
  • Written and oral communication electives
  • Workflow efficiency electives
  • Employee engagement and empowerment electives
  • Human resources electives  


The Firstsource Support Team offers 30-minute individual, small group and department-specific travel training (additional time may be scheduled).

Unravel Your Travel

  • Travel authorization – if required
  • Best practices for travel booking
  • Airfare, lodging, vehicle rental
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Cash advance process
  • Expense reimbursement
  • How to get your expense reimbursement report approved the first time
  • Top 5 expense report send back reasons and how to avoid them
  • Student travel
  • Updates, tips and tools

Contact the Firstsource Support Team, (715-836-3131) of the ASK Center to schedule.


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