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The Cabin

Davies Center 170 + 270

The Cabin is home of the longest-running coffeehouse series in the nation. During the academic year, scheduling priority is given to the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate, which presents regular performances every weekend.

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Seated: 64

Reception: 100

Dimensions - lower level

55' × 38'

15' and 30' ceilings

1,650 sq ft


Dimensions - upper level

20' × 32'

15' ceiling

580 sq ft

Features + Technology
  • Balcony overlooking performance area
  • Balcony-level terrace overlooking the campus mall and Little Niagara Creek
  • Lounge and high-top seating options
  • Gas fireplace
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Built-in food and beverage service area
  • Built-in sound system
  • Additional audio equipment available
  • LCD projector & permanent projection screen
  • In-room computer, with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Cable TV
  • DVD player (Blu-ray)
  • Crestron wireless control
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