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Menominee Room

Davies Center 320F

A flat, multi-use room with built-in projector, audio, and large windows with natural light and a scenic view of the Putnam Park State Natural Area. Furniture setup is flexible with rolling chairs. Tables are not available for this room.


Auditorium | 44


32' × 28' × 15'
896 sq ft

    • Rolling chairs (tables not available)
    • Countertop with outlets
    • Large windows and natural light
    • Carpeted floor
    • Built-in sound system
    • iPod docking station


    • LCD projector & permanent projection screen
    • In-room computer, with wireless keyboard and mouse
    • Cable TV
    • DVD player (Blu-ray)
    • Crestron wireless control
    • Crestron Air Media 
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