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Fall 2022 TRIO AIM Events!

The list of events and gatherings changes each semester. See below for the upcoming AIM cultural opportunities.

Cultural Events:

Thursday, October 27
  • Craft night - making bookmarks and cards
  • 3:30-5:00pm CENT 2924
  • Subs provided for free
Thursday, November 10
  • Game night - board games and Wii games
  • 3:30-5:00 CENT 2924
  • Pizza provided for free
Thursday, December 8
  • Grocery Bingo- bingo with pantry items for prizes
  • 3:30-5:00 CENT 2924
  • Subs provided for free



Wednesday, October 5
  • 11:00-11:30am - Centennial Hall 2904
  • Registration Workshop: Information on registering for Spring 2023 classes







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