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Hours and Information

  • Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • McIntyre Library, fifth floor, room 5029
  • / / 715-836-4908
  • Please schedule exams at least two business days in advance
  • Student Portal Log in here to schedule your exams if you are registered with the SSD office.
  • Faculty Portal Log in here to use the Test Center for SSD exams.
  • SSD Students: How to Submit an Exam Request for the Test Center

    When notifying instructors of accommodations with Faculty Notification Letters, instructors are sent a link to fill out a form in AIM called a Testing Agreement, through which instructors outline their exam materials and parameters for the semester. After they fill that out for any student in their class who sends them an FNL, you can schedule exams.

    Here's is a step-by-step for scheduling your exams: How to Submit an Exam Request for the Test Center | UW-Eau Claire (

    A full guide can be found here: Guide to Scheduling Exams in the Test Center for SSD Students

    Faculty: How to Use the Test Center for SSD Accommodated Testing

    Before your students can schedule exams, you'll need to receive at least one Faculty Notification Letter email letting you know that a student has accommodations. That email contains a link to a form called a Testing Agreement, by which you detail the materials and parameters of your exams and quizzes for the semester. After you fill that out, students can schedule exams for your course. 

    Here is a guide to the SSD software, including the Testing Agreement, how to view which students who have scheduled and completed exams, and how to upload and download exams: Faculty guide to SSD software.

    For general information, please see our faculty resources page.

    How to Schedule an Accommodated Exam for NNSE Students

    In courses that require tests (in which the primary language of instruction and assessment is English) to be taken during class time, students who are non-native speakers of English (international or permanent residents/citizens) may request extended test-taking time (time and a half.) This accommodation does not apply to other forms of evaluation (e.g. papers, projects, group presentations) or to situations in which students must demonstrate clinical or similar skills. The accommodation is intended for students with lower English proficiency in their first semesters on campus. Eligibility is determined by the Department of Languages and is good for one semester. 

    To apply for this accommodation, students must complete and submit this eForm (BP Logix: Start New Form: Request for Additional Test Time Student – Initiated) before the term deadline (approximately 3 weeks before final exam week for Fall or Spring terms and at the beginning of the Winterim or Summer terms.) Approved students will receive email notification along with the instructors for the approved courses. Students should discuss with their instructor how the instructor plans to make the accommodation. If the instructor chooses to use the Test Center (in the library), the student must start and submit another eForm, which will be completed by the instructor and confirmed by the Test Center. 

    Make-up Exam Scheduling: Test Center eForm

    Make-up Exam Request eForm

    This form is available for all faculty to fill out and must be initiated by faculty. Testing Center space is limited so please make your requests at least two days in advance. Using the Test Center for make-up exams is intended for students who have had an extended illness or missed a test due to university-sanctioned activities.  

    This is the path to the eForm: BP Logix: Start New Form: Academic Affairs: Make-up Exam - Test Center


    1. Search for the student's name and fill out your course information and the reason for the absence. 
    2. Fill out the make-up test date and time allotted for the exam. 
    3. Fill out the exam materials (all are optional to fill out with the exception of calculator type if yes is selected). 
    4. Attach the exam as a Word document or PDF or email it or bring a copy to the Testing Center. Please make sure the Test Center receives the exam no later than 4 pm prior to the date of the make-up exam. 
    5. Select return method. 
    6. Submit. 
    7. The Testing Center will review the date and time and confirmation will be sent to the student and instructor.