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Review Process

UW System Administrative Policy 136, Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs

Students who do not complete the survey will be denied participation in the activity.

The full SYS 136 Policy, Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs, including definitions of study abroad and study away, is available here.

If a student reports that they have been convicted of a felony or been suspended, dismissed, or expelled from a previous institution, the information is sent to the Dean of Students office for investigation and review. The Dean of Students office will gather background or more detailed information when possible from available records or previous institutions.        

The Dean of Student office will make a recommendation regarding participation. The Dean of Students Office may meet with the student before sharing information with the Associate College Dean/Program Director, particularly if they believe a denial is possible.

 Factors that would not preclude a student from participation:

  • If the suspension/dismissal was based on academic misconduct or suspension/dismissal based on academic performance.
  • If the behavior was limited to substance abuse and the student has completed treatment and can attest to their sobriety for at least a year.
  • If the behavior was property damage or vandalism and all expectations of restoration were met in a timely fashion, and the student demonstrated an understanding of the impact of their behavior.

Factors that could preclude a student from participation:

  • If they are currently on criminal probation, parole, or extended probation.
  • If the behavior was theft or fraud significant enough to have resulted in a felony conviction.
  • If the behavior involved arson or criminal damage to property.
  • If the behavior involved interpersonal violence or abuse, threat of violence or abuse, or was motivated by bias.
  • If the behavior involved sexual harassment or stalking.
  • If the student does not demonstrate an understanding of their role in the incident that led to their separation or conviction.

The Dean of Students office will make a recommendation and rationale with Associate Dean of the College or the Program Director. The Dean of Students office may also make recommendations for conditional attendance. The decision is at the discretion of the AD/Program Director. If the response is or may be a denial, or permission may be based on conditions, the AD/Program Director may meet with the student or trip leader prior to formally issuing a decision, or to explore conditional attendance.

The factors to consider regarding the incidents include but are not limited to:

  1. when the conviction, suspension or dismissal occurred;
  2. what the circumstances were surrounding the event;
  3. whether there is a single disclosure or a series of disclosures;
  4. to the extent it is available, a summary of the event from police, court, or disciplinary records; and
  5. a description of the event from the student.

Factors to consider regarding the requested activity include but are not limited to:

  1. The housing arrangements on the trip (e.g. living with other students, sharing a room, single or mixed gender accommodations, if it would be possible for the student to find separate accommodations if needed.)
  2. If there will be contact with vulnerable populations.
  3. The extent of supervision by faculty/staff.
  4. Risk factors associated with the destination (i.e. safety concerns, activities available during free time)
  5. If alternate arrangements are available regarding housing arrangements, student participation in the activity, ability to enforce specific conditions if agreed to, and level of supervision possible.

AD/Program Director notifies the student of their decision.

The student has the right to appeal the decision from the AD/Program Director. The student should email the AD/Program Director and request a review of information by the College Dean/Program Director’s supervisor.

- The Dean of Students Office and AD/Program Director will share the information they gathered with the College Dean/Supervisor for review.

- The College Dean/Supervisor may meet with any involved party – the student, the DOS, AD/Program Director, or trip leader, to discuss the student’s appeal.

The College Dean/Supervisor issues a decision to the student, Dean of Students, and Associate Dean. This decision is final. This decision does NOT preclude the student from participating, or being denied participation in, future activities.

 Students who do not complete the survey will be denied participation in the activity.

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