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Current Student Housing Timeline

Dates you need to know

Listed below are the schedule of events for the upcoming school semester/years.

Date Event
January 27         Hall Open at 8am for Second Term (Want to arrive earlier? Register for Break Housing @ My Housing Portal
February 1 2021-2022 Room Change Request Live at 8:30am
March 1  Priory Deadline for 2021-2022, 2nd Round Room Selection—Submit Deposit and Contract @ My Housing Portal
March 5 Lottery Numbers available @ Noon for 2nd Round Room Selection
March 8-10  2nd Round Room Selection for 2021-2022
April 1 Summer Housing Application Live @ My Housing Portal
April 30 Priority Summer Housing Application Deadline
May 1 2021-2022 Cancellation Deadline for full refund and release from contract
May 15 Halls Close At Noon
June 1 2021-2022 Aspenson Mogensen Contract Begins


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