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Sustainability in the residence halls

Our residence halls at UWEC work hard to create a sustainable living community for students. That's why we have rules and guidelines for you to follow when it comes to recycling items like cardboard, plastic bags, light bulbs, batteries, and more.

How to recycle in the residence halls

We use single-stream recycling in the residence halls. That means you can put metal (aluminum and steel cans), glass, paper, and plastics into any slot on the recycling bins in your residence hall. No sorting makes it easier to recycle. Please rinse out bottles/cans and replace the caps/lids and place into the recycling bin.

Do NOT put: tissues, paper towels, mirrors, aerosol cans, light bulbs, ceramics (like a coffee mug), disposable coffee cup (Styrofoam or plastic lined), plastic straws, wax-coated juice cartons or milk cartons, Keurig K-cups, Styrofoam, dryer sheets and PIZZA BOXES into the recycling bins.

Corrugated cardboard boxes and boxes of dry items like cereal, pasta, or soda, can be recycled and should be taken to the cardboard recycling station usually, in the basement. 

Plastic bag and film recycling in the lobby

Recycle grocery bags, plastic packing pillows, case wrap (i.e. snack and beverage cases), bread bags, sandwich bags and other stretchy #4 plastic into the silver metal bins located in your residence hall lobby.

Recycle CFL light bulbs and batteries

CFL(Compact Florescent light bulbs) bulbs and other light bulbs, batteries and printer cartridges should be recycled at the front desk in the residence halls in a bucket at the desk or in the blue bin near the Towers Front Desk. 

Prior to placing batteries in the recycling area, please tape both ends of the battery with clear, heavy-duty tape (shipping tape).

Get broken electronics and appliances recycled for FREE!

Please contact your Hall Director to have broken electronics picked up from your hall and properly recycled.

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