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Live On Campus Again!

Convenient, fun and easy!

Space still available but act fast and apply now to secure your spot. Skip the hassle of dealing with a pesky landlord and enjoy the seamless process of applying to live on campus. On campus living provides you flexible and safe options to continue to create lifelong connections and engage in vibrant campus life programs.

Next steps to secure 2022-2023 Housing

1) Pay $75 Housing Deposit

Students can pay your deposit anytime.

Pay Deposit

International students looking to do an international wire transfer to pay housing deposit should follow link below and read instructions to use Flywire to complete payment.



2) Complete Housing Contract

If you applied December 13th or after, you may update/change your contract until March 7, 2022.

My Housing Portal 

Contract Information

You will select your preferred contract length on your housing contract. You have two options:

  • 9 month contract (September 4, 2022 to May 20, 2023)=Residence Halls, Chancellors, The Suites, Priory and Haymarket

  • 12 month contract (June 1, 2022 to May 20, 2023)=Aspenson Mogensen

3) Lottery Numbers

Student who apply between December 13, 2021 and March 7, 2022 are randomly given a lottery number. This is not based on application submit date nor on class standing.

Lottery number and room selection schedule will be emailed and  available in My Housing Portal beginning on Friday, March 11.

4) Room Selection

Yes, you get to self-select your room. If you have a roommate group, the individual with the lowest lottery number will be the individual to select the room and assign the roommates.

Room Selection will occur March 15th and March 16th

Frequently Asked Questions

I am applying to be an RA

I am applying to be an RA, should I go through the Room Selection Process?

We are excited that you are interested in the awesome opportunity to be an RA to enhance your leadership skills, assist fellow students, network on campus, and build your resume.

  • Academic year RA hiring process starts in the beginning of each spring term for the next academic year. Look on Handshake for application information.
  • Spring term RA hiring process starts in the middle of fall term for the next spring.  Look on Handshake for application information.

ANSWER: Yes, if you want to live on campus next academic year regardless of the RA position, then you should submit your housing contract and deposit and ultimately select your room assignment for next academic year. The RA process is very competitive and since you are not 100% sure if you will have the job or not, make sure to lock in your space on campus that you are happy with. If you are hired, you will be refunded the $75 housing deposit and you will be assigned to an RA room.

Can I change my original contract term?

Before room selection, you can update your contract prior to the contract submit deadline and change your selected contract term. If you have secured a room assignment, you must then submit for a room change in order to change your contract term as that would mean you would be changing room assignments.

What are the contract options if I am studying abroad?

I will be study abroad spring term or graduating in December, thus I do not need housing for spring term. What are my options?

  • You will sign the 2021-2022 housing contract for two semesters. Then during fall term, you will need to request cancellation of your spring portion of the contract based on graduation or study abroad. Housing will verify with the appropriate University office and cancel your contract if verified.

I will be study abroad for fall and only need spring term housing. Do I go through this room selection process.

  • No, you will need to sign the contract only for spring term and the contract for this is available now.
What if I have a medical room accommodation request?

Only requests with supporting medical documentation will be reviewed. Contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office at or 715-836-5800.

All requests will be reviewed by SSD and the Director of Housing. You will be notified on your request status via email. All requests should be submitted by November 1st for the next academic year. All approved requests will receive specific sign up instructions upon approval. All students who have approved accommodation for 2021-22 do need to go through the process to renew their accommodation for 2022-2023.

Are meal plans required and how do I sign up?
  • Meal plans are required in any residence hall doubles/singles and the Suites.
  • Meal plans are optional at Chancellors, Aspenson Mogensen, Haymarket, and Priory.
  • Student may select a meal plan at My Housing Portal beginning in May.
  • If a meal plan is required and a meal plan is not select, students will be defaulted to the Platinum meal plan.
How do I secure parking after getting a room?

Parking is purchased online. Watch during spring term for information from Blugold Central on information to purchase R for central campus residence hall students, W or Aspenson Mogensen underground for Aspenson Mogensen student or Haymarket underground or City of Eau Claire parking for Haymarket Residents.

I want a single room. What are my options?

All single options are first come first serve and depend on what is available during your scheduled lottery sign up time.

  • Haymarket offers studio and 1 bedroom single options
  • Aspenson Mogensen offers 1 bedroom singles
  • Residence Hall Singles Only Offered in Towers and Sutherland
  • Priory Hall offer residence hall singles.  A car is recommended to live here!

What if my desired room type I want is not available?

Room availability will be based on your lottery number. What you see during your sign up time will be the options.  Your roommate group and/or you should have a first, second, and third option as you go into the room selection process.

Will I be able to go on a waitlist after room selection?
  • The returning student waitlist will be available beginning February 1 at My Housing Portal.
  • Students must have an assignment to qualify for the waitlist which will be accessible at My Housing Portal, Bookings, Waitlist. There is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request but we will certainly tray as room change and cancellation occur.
  • 9 month academic term contract waitlist requests will be processed August 1 and until May 1. 12 month yearly contracts waitlist requests will be processed August 1 and until May 1.
  • If there are requested roommates, all roommates must submit a request to verify that this is a mutual request.
Request an incoming freshman or transfer student as roommate

Freshman are only eligible for residence hall double spaces. If you are able to select a residence hall double space during your lottery time, immediately after you select the room, email to notify us that you have selected a room and want to hold the other half for an incoming freshman student. Include name of building and room number as well as requested roommate’s first name, last name, and birthdate.

Transfer students are eligible for any campus living location. Immediately after you select your room, please email to notify us that you want to hold a space within your assignment for an incoming transfer student. Include the building name and room number as well as the requested roommate first name, last name, and birthdate.

I have a roommate preference. How do I select?

You may request a roommate preference within your housing contract by creating a roommate group. 


Find other returning students who want to live on campus

Prior to December and March selection processes, you can utilize the Roommate Finder in My Housing Portal to see current enrolled students looking to live on campus and also searching for roommate. View a tutorial on how to use the roommate finder or access the finder at My Housing Portal, Contract, Manage 22-23 and Roommate Finder.

I want to live on campus second semester only?

Please review the information on the spring semester application page here.

Where is Gender Inclusive Housing offered?

Rainbow Floor (Towers South 7th & 8th Floors)

As a student selecting Gender Inclusive Housing, you recognize and understand that this community has been designed to meet the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual community members and allies. This is an inclusive community committed to social justice and the celebration of people of diverse sexualities and genders.
You may select this community as an individual or as part of a roommate group.
On the housing contract, you will be asked to identify your gender inclusive housing preference. You (as well as any roommates) should answer ‘I am interested in the Rainbow Floor.”  

Make sure to determine if looking to live on the general rainbow floors or if you are looking to live within the designated Trans and Gender Non-Conforming wing. You will be able to see these room designations during room selection.

Gender Inclusive units in apartments or suites

The purpose of gender inclusive is to allow for a comfortable and safe living environment for students across the gender spectrum.  Student interested in gender inclusive housing will be required to exhibit their ability to support suitemates of all forms of gender expression.  In gender inclusive areas, the living space is not designated by a person’s sex or gender.
To qualify for an all gender unit, students must establish a roommate group that can fill all available spaces within the unit.

Aspenson Mogensen (2, 3, 4 individuals)
Haymarket (2 or 4 individuals) 
Suites (4 individuals)
Chancellors (4 individuals)

I understand that if I live in a gender inclusive unit that my assigned roommates and I are responsible for finding a replacement in the event one of the original assigned individuals leaves the unit. If no one is found, Housing reserves the right to move individuals and return my unit to a single gender space.
To indicate interest in this area and see available spaces during room selection, on the housing contract you will answer a question about your gender inclusive housing preference. You will need to indicate ‘I am seeking gender inclusive housing in the apartments or Suites.” All individuals in the roommate group must also answer the question the same way.

Can I sublease my apartment space?

No subleasing is allowed in any University Sponsored Housing including Aspenson Mogensen and Haymarket Landing.

students moving into residence halls

Room Assignment and Move-In Information

Students returning to the residence halls have a different move-in process and timeline to adhere to when they arrive on campus for the start of the academic year.

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