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Guide to living on campus

Here you'll find the most important forms and processes you'll need when living on campus. Learn how to change rooms, reapply for housing, and more.

Room Change

There are several scenarios that relate to requesting a room change. Find the ones that fit your situation below:

  1. If you would like to request a room change before you have moved into your assigned space, an online request form is available at My Housing Portal, Bookings. Individuals who signed a 12-month contract and submit a room change or waitlist request for the next academic year, the request will be processed until May 1st. Individuals with 9 month contracts who submit as request, these will be process until August 1st.
  2. If you would like to request a room change during the academic term, you will need to connect with your Resident Assistant and/or Hall Director to review your situation.
  3. For spring term, if it is currently fall term and you made a new friend down the hall or just want to change rooms for spring term, watch for information regarding a spring term room change process occurring in November.

Break Housing

All facilities managed by UWEC Housing + Residence Life remain open during break periods such as Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Students who want to stay in their assigned room at these times do need to sign up at My Housing Portal, Bookings, Break Housing. Watch for information via email about specific guidelines and deadlines closer to each break period.

Spring Intentions

Each October all residence hall students are required to complete a spring intentions form. This form notifies the Housing + Residence Life Office of who will be a resident for spring term. Remember, all contracts are 12-month or 9-month contracts unless a student falls within the guidelines of the UW Board of Regents Policy (transferring, graduating, withdraw, education opportunity outside a 40-mile radius of Eau Claire, marriage, or military service). On the spring intentions form, students will indicate if one of these reasons apply or if they will remain on campus for spring term. Watch your email for deadlines and more information.

Next Academic Year Housing

Looking to live on-campus again for next academic year? Watch for details about the re-application process that will occur during fall term for the next academic year. During this process, you will pay the $75 housing deposit, submit an application, then receive a lottery number for a room selection time. Yes, that is right, you get to select the exact room you will be living in as well as pull in any requested roommates. Watch for full details and deadlines in early September.

Early Arrivals

Often students want to arrive to campus earlier than the designated move-in date. Please understand that this is a busy time in Housing as final preparations are being made in all the buildings for students' arrival as well as a focus on the extensive staff training to properly prepare our dedicated housing staff. Therefore, all requests to arrive early for personal reasons do need to be approved.

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