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Housing policies you need to know

Stay in the know of all of our housing policies that may come in handy during your time on campus.

Appeal Process

Requests to cancel that do not conform to the UW Board of Regent policy will be administratively rejected. Once a student is notified that the cancellation request is rejected, they may submit a one-time appeal of this rejection by completing the Cancellation Appeal Form through My Housing Portal, Application within 10 business days of receiving the cancellation request rejection decision. The appeal is made in writing only (not in person), so make certain to be complete, descriptive, and thorough in the written appeal attach any relevant documentation at the time of submittal.

Appeal Requests

1. Appeals and supporting documentation are to be included though this Cancellation Appeal form in My Housing Portal

2. Students do not attend cancellation appeal review sessions, which shall be conducted by a panel of Housing & Residence Life staff and students appointed by the Residence Hall Judicial Board (when Judicial Board is in session, when out of session, requests are heard by Housing & Residence Life staff).

3. Students should submit the reason for the appeal in the form, being as complete and descriptive as possible. Supporting documentation is strongly encouraged, and is required for appeals based on medical reasons. Supporting documentation from disinterested individuals are preferred over supporting documentation from friends, family members or individuals with an interest in the outcome.

4. Medical documentation must appear on the provider's letterhead, and include the signature of the provider. The medical provider should not simply tell the board the student cannot or should not live on-campus. Information is needed as to why the student cannot live on-campus, and should include

    • date of onset of the condition
    • diagnosis of condition
    • prognosis – whether the condition can be treated
    • course of treatment
    • why the condition prevents the student from completing their housing agreement
    • discussion of why there are no other alternatives other than cancellation of the housing agreement that will address the condition

 5. Cancellation appeals are typically not awarded for:

    • conflicts dealing with roommates, policy violations, and/or services provided. These concerns can be resolved by meeting with Housing and Residence Life staff and requesting a room change or other assistance.
    • financial inconvenience or inability to pay. The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire does not assume or bear the risk that students are unable, or become unable, to meet their financial obligations.
    • Commuting/living off campus.  If you have signed an off campus lease, UW Eau Claire does not assume or bear risk from that decision.  You will likely need to find a subleaser for the off-campus property.

Appeal Recommendations

  • Before you submit an appeal, consider the following, and address all applicable topics in the body of your appeal.
  • Have you met the documentation requirements listed above?
  • Have you explored all other alternatives other than cancellation, which might include a different roommate, a different living location, a different study environment, or a single room (when available)?
  • Did the condition or situation exists before you signed the contract?
  • Have you provided enough information to allow for a complete understanding of your situation (this is your one opportunity, there is no further level of appeal).
  • If your request is for financial reasons, have you demonstrated what significant change has occurred in your financial situation and the actions you have taken to attempt to prevent contract cancellation?  Have you met with your Financial id advisor, explored loan options, explored on and off campus job options, and cut personal expenses?  Have you provided sufficient financial figures in your appeal regarding your financial situation/picture?
  • Have you meet in person with the head chef or administrator in Blugold Dining to address dietary needs?  Who did you meet with (name and contact information, and what was the result?)
  • Have you taken any responsibility to resolve the situation, including but not limited to: talking in person with your roommates about your concerns; working with your RA or Hall Director about your situation, exploring resources such as Counseling Services, Student Health Services, Financial Aid, or the Dean of Students?  If so, describe who you spoke with (by name), what you discussed, and what strategies you tried short of requesting a cancellation.

Students will receive written notification of the appeal decision through email within 10 business days of submission of the appeal request. The decision of the appeal committee is final, and there is no further level of appeal.

The policy prohibits smoking on campus except in designated areas and on city-owned streets that run through campus. View the smoking policy and map of designated smoking areas

Enrolled UWEC student have until May 1 each year to cancel their housing contract without financial liability and a full refund of the $75 housing deposit.

  • To cancel your contract before May 1: My Housing Portal, Application and proceed to the appropriate application year and then see the cancellation form.

Cancellation requests after May 1 must be fall within the Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System policy as reasons for allowing students to be released from their contract: withdrawing from school, graduating, becoming involved in a university-sponsored educational experience that require a student to reside outside a 40 mile radius of Eau Claire or overseas, or is transferring to another university; getting married and living with spouse; being called to active military service. Should the request to cancel be granted, the student will forfeit the $75 housing deposit.

Common cancellation request not permitted by the Board of Regents Policy:

Financial Difficulty – lack of funds alone is not an acceptable basis for a cancellation decision.  Finances for the term of contract must be considered by the student prior to application.  Lower monthly rent, at home or in an off-campus property, will not be considered as a rationale for a cancellation request.

Unhappiness with Residence Hall Living – residence hall living, including sharing space with roommates, requires a certain amount of adjustment for most students.  Students must make a determination before applying whether residence hall living is the correct choice for them.  Students may not “try it out” and later request cancellation.

Commuting/Living Off Campus – the choice to commute, or live off campus, must be made prior to submitting the application/contract. 

Health Conditions – Even with medical documentation, most medical conditions will not release a student from the contract.  Students must consider known medical conditions and their impact in a community living situation prior to submitting a contract.

Students have until May 1 each year to cancel their housing contract and receive a refund of their $75 room reservation deposit.

Please go to My Housing Portal and compete the Cancellation Request.

When you complete the housing application, you should have reviewed, signed, and received a copy of the housing contract. Click below to review the terms of the housing contract.

Housing Contract

The JCode is the rules and regulations students must abide by while living within University Sponosred housing at UWEC. Outlined within the code is also the sanction system if students are found in violation of a policy. Student receive a hard copy of these policies within the student planner each fall and must sign a form indicating they received and understand the policy.

Judicial Code

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that institutions with on-campus student housing have a missing student notification policy for students who reside in on-campus housing. Students have the option to designate an emergency contact through the University.

For students who are under age 18, Housing and Residence Life is required to notify law enforcement and a parent or guardian if that student is deemed missing for more than 24 hours. We are also required to notify law enforcement and an emergency contact after determining any student is missing for more than 24 hours.

Any campus student organization not affiliated with Housing and Residence Life must have all posters approved through the Student Programs Coordinator, Ben Bechle (BECHLEB@uwec.edu).

  • Posting requests must be received at least 3 business days prior to the date the poster/flyer needs to be displayed in the residence halls.  You may submit 1 physical copy of the poster, or email a jpeg or pdf directly for approval. Once approved, additional copies of printed materials may be delivered to the Think Tank (Hilltop 12, located in the basement of the Hilltop Center). The Think Tank staff will ensure proper and timely distribution of all materials. Posters/flyers from clubs, organizations, or businesses not affiliated with UWEC campus departments/offices or Housing organizations are limited to 1 per hall lobby (15 total copies), should they be approved for distribution. UWEC campus departments and offices will be considered for distributions of up to 1 per RA + 1 per lobby (145 + 15 = 160 copies). *Please note that approval is not guaranteed!

  • Mailbox stuffers must be approved through the Residence Hall Association (RHA) at a General Assembly meeting.  Please e-mail RHA@uwec.edu to arrange a date for your organization to present the materials to the General Assembly- please note that it may take up to 2 weeks (2 meetings) to process requests.  At the time of presentation, you will need to provide an exact copy of what you intend to distribute to present to the group.  Changes are not to be made after approval.  Materials should be dropped off at the Think Tank (Hilltop 12) at least 3 business days prior to the date you intend for them to be distributed.  Staff will ensure proper and timely distribution of all materials.  Approximately 1,980 copies are needed for a 1 per mailbox stuffing. 

  • In order to conserve paper, we ask that you consider digital options of your publicity, which may be posted to the TVs in each of residence halls. 
  • For local news releases, social media releases, and UW-Eau Claire Calendar of Events: Contact the Integrated Marketing and Communications Department at imc@uwec.edu or stop in the Old Library 2150.

  • For an ad on TV-10, please e-mail your information on one Power Point slide to tv10@uwec.edu.
    The Think Tank can also assist in placing your information on the Housing Calendar of Events, and on social media.  Please e-mail Ben Bechle (BECHLEB@uwec.edu) with all the information you wish to put on the Housing Calendar, or call 836-4438.


For your safety, the Office of Housing and Residence Life has instituted a Security Services program in each of the residence halls. In all halls but Chancellors, you will be provided with an adhesive security sticker to attach to your Blugold Card. The security sticker identifies the building of residence and semester it was issued to the resident.

A card swipe system is in place for all residence halls. In order to gain access to a residence hall building students will need to swipe their Blugold card for entry.

  • Between 9AM and 10PM all residence hall students will have access through the card swipe to enter all residence halls.
  • From 10PM to 9AM only residents of their specified building may swipe to gain entry into the building.
  • Between the hours of midnight and 3AM (these hours may vary from hall to hall), halls will have security stations set up to check IDs and register any guests into the building.

The guests may be residents from other halls, off campus students, or family and friends. In order to be checked into a hall a guest needs to be with the resident who is their host and a picture ID. The information will the recorded and access granted to the residence hall. If a guest does not have a picture ID they will not be given access to the residence hall. As a host, you are responsible for any guests that visit you.

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