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Each student is assigned a mailbox located in the student’s residence hall lobby. The mailbox may be opened only by a key. The University also offers an on-campus mail service. No postage is necessary for this service; however, mail will only be delivered to campus addresses. The campus mail service offers pick-up and delivery services to every residence hall as well as various locations around campus Monday through Friday.

Want to buy stamps? Check out the Service Desk in Davies Center.


Mail: Mail for all halls is delivered to Towers Hall. Mail for all halls is then delivered to the respective facility and housing staff places mail in the student mailboxes. 

Packages: Packages for all hall (except Haymarket, Chancellors, Aspenson Mogensen and Priory) are pick up by the student at Towers Hall. Packages for Haymarket, Aspenson Mogensen, and Priory will be delivered by housing staff directly to the facilities. These residents should anticipate up to a 1 business day delay from delivery to Towers to availability for pick up in the hall. Students will receive an email notifying them that a package is ready for pick up.  

Federal law prohibits the distribution of mail across the counter of the reception desk. Students will receive an email once the package is received at Towers. Upon pick up the student must present a University ID to claim the package. Students within Haymarket, Aspenson Mogensen, and Priory should anticipate a minimum 2 day delay in the time the email is received to package available within the hall for pick up.

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