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CVTC Student Housing

Live on campus as a CVTC student

UW-Eau Claire is excited to partner with CVTC to offer the opportunity for CVTC student to live within UWEC housing). The UWEC residence halls offer more than just a place to sleep and relax between classes but rather opportunities to be involved in a student community that offers a social, educational, and developmental experience.

Looking for Summer 2022 Housing? Submit application below. Priority deadline is April 27th.

CVTC Summer Application

Looking for 2022-2023 housing? At this time, no further applications for 2022-2023 will be accepted. If you will be looking for spring 2023 only, the application will be available mid-September 2022. We thank you for your interest!

Looking for more info on the Residence Halls?


Must be an enrolled CVTC student UWEC will confirm student status with the CVTC Student Life Office
Submit the UWEC Housing Application and contract.  By signing this contract, you are signing a lease with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. As long as you remain an enrolled student at CVTC you will be held to the term of this contract for the academic application period for which you are applying.
Understand that you must obey the UWEC Housing Policies
Payments are made directly to UWEC via mail or in person at Blugold Central (Vicki Lord Larson Hall 1108, 105 Garfield Ave). A 10% late fee of the remaining balance will be access if payment is not received by the specified deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the UWEC Blugold Card Office at 715-836-4070 and make sure to specify that you are a CVTC student.

For Fall or Spring terms, please contact CVTC Student Life Office for parking option on the CVTC campus as there is no availability at UWEC. For Summer Term, residents may park on the UWEC campus in any available “R” designated space for summer only at no charge.

The UWEC student Resident Assistant and full-time staff Hall Director are available to assist students with questions or concerns throughout the academic year.

If you already have a roommate preference, UWEC Housing will try to pair you together based on room availability. If you do not have a roommate preference or we are unable to honor your preference, you will be randomly paired with either another CVTC student or UWEC student.

Fall Term: Student will receive assignment end of July or beginning of August

Spring Term: Student will receive assignments by mid-January

Summer Term: Student will receive assignments mid-May


All residence hall double spaces within Murray Hall are available on a first come first serve basis. Once a student submits their CVTC application, a space is held for this student and the protocol specified in the contract are followed to officially secure the space.

Fall Term: 30 spaces
Spring Term: 10 spaces
Summer Term: No limit. Based on overall space availability.

Fall Term: Mid-October

Spring Term: Mid-October

Summer Term: Beginning of April

Please review the rates and due dates within the application. 

CVTC students reside in Murray Hall. Click below to take a virtual tour and learn more about Murray Hall.

Murray Hall Info

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