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UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students may rent textbooks in the Instructional Resource Rental Department, located on the upper level of the University Bookstore in Davies Center.

You must have your Blugold Card to check out any textbooks from the IRR Department.

  • Main texts for each course are usually rented. Some textbooks and other course materials may need to be purchased.
  • If you drop a class, return your rental textbook from that class immediately so another student can use it.
  • You may check out only one copy of each textbook.
  • Rental materials are due on the last day of final exams, but you can bring books back one at any time to avoid lines.
  • You may only check out textbooks for courses you are currently enrolled.

If your rental textbooks aren’t returned by the last day of finals, you will be fined. Failure to return your books, and disregarding warning notices about returning them, will increase the fine and could adversely affect your credit rating.

If you wish to buy the textbook you’ve rented for your professional library, a purchase period is set each semester. Buy your current textbooks — or any textbook in the IRR inventory — for 25% off the publishers current list price.

Textbooks for online courses

UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students may obtain textbooks for online courses from the University Bookstore’s Instructional Resource Rental Department or order online at Students may pick up and return their textbooks in person. The following shipping charges apply if you prefer having your rental textbooks shipped:

  • $7.99 for regular UPS ground shipments

These shipping and handling charges apply to Continental U.S. orders only.

Online students receive a 7-day grace period from the last day of the term to allow shipping time. During this time your late fees do accrue on your account but will not show up unless your books do not arrive by this date. If your books arrive after the grace period, all late fees will become due on your account back to the original due date for the term. Your notices will show this grace period as a "due date" only due to the limitations of the notice verbiage.

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