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Verification Forms

Links to the appropriate forms will be emailed by Blugold Central if you have been selected for verification.

2021-2022 Verification Forms

*You no longer need to complete this form.
On July 13, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education announced temporary changes to the Federal Aid Verification Process for 2021-22. |
Check your to-do list in CampS for anything else you may need to complete.

Independent Student Non-Filing Tax Form 21-22*
Student Non-Filing Tax Form 21-22*
Parent Non-Filing Tax Form 21-22*
Dependent Marital Status Worksheet 21-22

Independent Marital Status 21-22
Verification Worksheet-Dependent 21-22*
Verification Worksheet- Independent  21-22* 
Statement of Educational Purpose 21-22

2022-2023 Verification Forms

Federal Loan Discharged Due to Disability

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