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What does the Cost of Attendance mean?

Learn the estimated cost of attendance at UW-Eau Claire with an easy to read table.

2022-23 Estimated Cost of Attendance - 9 Month Academic Year

Undergraduate (Full-Time 12-18 Credits)
  WI Resident MN Resident Non-Resident MSEP
Tuition + Fees $8,910 $9,814 $17,622 $12,058
Rooms + Meals - Estimate $9,014 $9,014 $9,014 $9,014
Estimates of additional expenses:
Books + Supplies - Estimate $400 $400 $400 $400
Personal - Estimate $2,286 $2,286 $2,286 $2,286
Transportation - Estimate $1,080 $1,080 $1,080 $1,080
Total $21,754 $22,658 $30,466 $24,902


Graduate (Full-time 9 credits)
Graduate students' living expenses are the same as undergraduate. Tuition and fees, books and supplies for graduate students are: Wisconsin Residents Minnesota Resident Non-Resident MSEP
Tuition + Fees $9,596 $12,518 $20,012 $13,690
Books + Supplies $700 $700 $700 $700


 * Textbook rental fees are included in the tuition/fee figures and represent a significant service to our undergraduate students.

The budget components listed above are estimated expenses. The University will bill students only for their tuition and fees and (if they live in the residence halls) their room and meals (for further information you can go to meal plans) . Remaining expenses will be based on the individual student's personal living expenses.

For students who live at home, an estimate of $5,570 is used for the combine expenses of food, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses.

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