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Degree Audit

"What-If" Audits allow students to compare their academic record/ progress to any program they might indicate, without having to change the declaration of major. This can be particularly helpful if a student is considering a change of major, but does not know how his/her own record might apply to the requirements of the new program.

"What-If" Degree Audits are not available to students who have graduated (including working on a second degree at UWEC).

Current students may request a "What-If" degree audit throughCampS by going to the Student Center. In the Academics section, click the "Other Academic..." drop-down and choose "Degree Audit - What If". Click on "Create New Report", enter the information, and click "Submit Request". A report will appear in a few seconds.  At the top of the report is a "View report as PDF" button.  Click this button and wait about 30 seconds for the most complete version of the what-if degree audit.

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