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Winterim Drop and Withdrawal Information

After Winterim begins, students CANNOT drop/withdraw from ALL of their classes on MyBlugold CampS.

Due to the length of short-term courses, all academic and refund deadlines are prorated. Refunds resulting from a withdrawal are calculated based on the class length. Your date of withdrawal can have an impact on tuition/fee charges, possible financial aid repayments owed to the institution, and whether a "W" grade will be assigned to your academic record.

The class length calculation is based on the start and end date of the class dates listed on the Class Schedule. The Term Session Information and Dates is available in MyBlugold CampS. This includes the last day to add and withdraw based on the course length.

The Refund Schedule / Financial Aid Repayment Notice website also has refund information specific to the length of the course.

The withdrawal deadlines and the refund schedule DO NOT ALWAYS MATCH.

A decision to withdraw should be given careful consideration. Withdrawal can have a major impact in terms of veteran's benefits, financial aid, and other situations which have specific consequences from withdrawal. If you are considering withdrawing, you may want to consult with an adviser and the Blugold Central (Vicki Lord Larson 1108, 715-836-3000) prior to completing the process so that you may discuss the best possible outcomes for your individual circumstances.

Drop/Withdrawal Process for Winterim

Prior to the Start of the Winterim
Students who are withdrawing from Winterim prior to the start of the term may do so using CampS.

1. Drop each of your classes: In CampS go to Manage Classes > Drop Classes. If you are able to successfully drop all of your classes on CampS, no other action is required to withdraw from the term.

After the Start of the Winterim
Students who wish to drop/withdraw from the ALL Winterim courses after the start of the term can complete the eform.

1. Complete a winterim drop/withdrawal eform: Prior to submitting the eform, ensure you read and understand the Statement of Responsibility and Financial Aid Recipients sections of the eform.

2. Notification: After Blugold Central receives and processes your submitted eform, you will receive an email notification to your UWEC email account indicating your request has been processed.

3. Account Review: Blugold Central Bursar's Unit will review your account information and determine the account balance. Please note that if you are a financial aid student you may owe a repayment.

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