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Register for Classes as a Returning Student

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You can follow these steps to register for regular fall and spring classes as well as summer and winterim session classes.

Step 1

Log in to CampS to find your registration date and time. Within the Student Center, you will find a section labeled Enrollment Dates.

Step 2

Electronically sign your PPA by logging on to CampS and navigating to Sign PPA under the Self Service menu.

Step 3

Check CampS to see if you have a PAC hold on your account. If so, you must get your PAC code from your academic advisor.  PAC codes to not apply for winterim and summer session registration.

Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for additional registration information, including Personal Advising Codes (PAC)

Step 4

Check to make sure there are no other “holds” on your account, restricting you from registering.

Step 5

Utilize Schedule Builder to plan for registration

Step 6

Follow the steps in CampS to enroll in courses on or after your registration date and time.

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