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The time has come to graduate

Below you'll find out how to apply for graduate as different types of students. Find the one that applies to you and learn more.

Undergraduate Students 

You must apply for graduation by the end of the first week of undergraduate priority registration for the semester of intended graduation. This is done in your Student Center in MyBlugold CampS.  Instructions can be found at Applying for Graduation.

Your record will be reviewed for graduation only after you have registered for your final term.  At that time, an email will be sent to you indicating your eligibility to graduate. However, since this is a lengthy process, you should BE SURE to review your own degree audit after your final registration and address ANY "unmet" requirements immediately.

Graduate Students 

Students seeking a graduate degree must apply for graduation by the end of the first week of classes of the semester in which you are planning to graduate. This is done in your Student Center in MyBlugold CampS. Instructions can be found at Applying for Graduation.

Commencement Exercises

Candidates for graduation are encouraged to attend commencement ceremonies, which are held twice during the calendar year: at the close of the fall and spring semesters of the academic year.

An August graduation candidate can request permission through Registration and Records to attend the commencement ceremony held in May (rather than attend the following December ceremony) if registered to complete their final course during the first three-week (Interim) session.

January and August Graduates

The Registrar's office will continue to award degrees at the end of the winterim session in January and summer session in August, but no ceremony will be held. Students who graduate in January will be directed to attend the prior December ceremony and students who graduate in August will be directed to attend the following December ceremony.

Graduation Requirements 

Follow the applicable catalogue for your University, College, and program requirements. The current catalogue's program requirements are located on this Website.

Caps and Gowns

Graduation regalia can be picked up year-round at the University Bookstore "Grad Center" located on the lower level. Graduates can also purchase diploma frames, commencement announcements, honor cords, tassels, and thank you cards.

Diploma Replacement

A diploma replacement may be requested by printing the following form and mailing it to the address indicated on the form. The degree will be verified before the replacement is produced. All diplomas are 8" X 10" format. A fee of $40 is charged for each replacement diploma.

Diploma Replacement Form

Graduation and Degree Review 

Important Degree Review and Graduation Links

Commencement Ceremonies
Degree Audit FAQ
Diploma Replacement
"What If" Degree Audit

Degree Audit and Planning

The Registrar's Office produces degree audits which monitor the progress students are making toward completing their declared degrees. The audit is a tool designed to assist a student in course planning. Students may request a degree audit any time from Student Center in CampS.

The Degree Audit is not designed to serve as a contract--only to provide assistance to students in planning. Final approval of degree requirements resides with the Office of the Registrar, but responsibility for meeting these requirements rests primarily upon the individual student.

Current students may request a degree audit through CampS by going to the Student Center. In the Academics section, click the "Other Academic..." drop-down and choose "Degree Audit". A report will appear in a few seconds.  At the top of the report is a "View report as PDF" button. Click this button and wait about 30 seconds for the most complete version of the degree audit. 


Audrey Richardson and Erin Olson work in the Registrar's Unit and are responsible for confirming that graduation requirements have been met. They code each catalogue year's requirements into the degree audit format, and are our resident experts on the audit. If you have any questions about what something means on your degree audit, contact Audrey or Erin at

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