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Meal plan administration

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Blugold Card Services administers the meal plan that is required for nearly every student who lives on campus. The Blugold Card Services staff administer the meal plan signup process and billing. If you have have difficulties signing up for a meal plan, or if you have questions regarding the billing process, visit Blugold Card Services in Davies Center's east lobby or call 715-836-4070.

Campus residents choose their meal plan online each semester. When online signup ends there is a short period when meal plan changes can be made in person at Blugold Card Services. No changes can be made over the phone. Once that final signup deadline has passed, no further changes can be made for that semester’s meal plan.

Blugold Dining can answer your questions about the specific meal plans and which plan is right for you. If you ever experience a transaction error when using your meal plan, contact Blugold Dining, 715-836-5261, to have the transaction error corrected.

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