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Getting a Blugold Card

UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff members receive a university identification card as a privilege of their affiliation with the university. There is no charge for the first Blugold Card. Spouses of students and faculty/staff members may obtain a Blugold Card for $15.

The Fine Print

The Blugold Card & Blugold Mobile ID is the official photo identification card of the University of Wisconsin-
Eau Claire. The card is the property of UW-Eau Claire. Its use is governed by all university regulations and is non-transferable.

The Blugold Card must be returned to the university if requested.

Anyone requesting a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire ID card must provide picture identification (government-issued ID or passport) at the time the ID is made. Blugold Cards are used as picture identification. To provide an accurate picture, hair color, hairstyle and eye color must be visible. For this reason cardholders are not permitted to wear hats, bandanas covering more than half of their hair, or sunglasses in their picture.

Video images are considered "personally identifiable information" protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Video images produced for the Blugold Card & Blugold Mobile ID will only be used to create the Blugold Card & Blugold Mobile ID and for identification purposes within the University.

Initial ID cards for those associated with UW-Eau Claire (faculty/staff and students) are issued at no charge. Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged ID card costs the cardholder $15.

All spouse cards are $15. Proof of partnership, such as a joint bill, must be provided at the time of application.

Readmitted students who no longer have their original UW-Eau Claire ID card must purchase a replacement. The only exception is made in the case of a student not enrolled in classes for the past two academic years; this student will be issued a new ID card at no charge.

Auditors may receive ID cards if they pay full campus fees. If individual auditors elect not to use UW-Eau Claire services, the Business Office will adjust charges accordingly. The ID card will be replaced with a different card to indicate the services the auditor is eligible to receive.

Faculty/staff members who take classes at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will use their faculty/staff ID cards, because student segregated fees are waived for faculty/staff.

Employees who leave UW-Eau Claire must turn in their ID cards to Blugold Card Services before leaving the university. Emeriti and retirees may retain their ID cards and access to privileges. Adjunct faculty receive special IDs through the Chancellor's Office.

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