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Campus Ambassadors

Meet our tour guides

Have you noticed the people in striped shirts all over our site? Those are our Campus Ambassadors and they are current students at UWEC who are passionate about this campus and the education they're receiving here. They'll show you around campus, pointing out their favorite study spots, hangouts, and giving you the scoop on the best places to get food on campus. Their intimate knowledge of campus life is the best way to see if UWEC is the right school for you!

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Anna Loughridge

"To some, being a Blugold is just a title. But for me, being a Blugold means that and so much more. It means constantly growing and challenging yourself every day. It means being able to take advantage of countless opportunities [AND] being surrounded by a supportive community. With the support of faculty and staff, UW-Eau Claire has inspired me to take the knowledge I gain from my time on campus and apply it beyond my four years. I love being a Blugold!"

Joe Schuler

"What I love about being a Blugold is that I am allowed to follow my dreams and be my own person. Everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves into who they want to become. This campus means so much more to me than I thought a college could. Even through challenges and hardships, this community offers support, friendship, strength and trust that makes everyone feel like a Blugold at heart."

Kayla Weinberger

Brookfield, WI

"Being a Blugold means I get to be part of a community that is giving me so much more than a degree. UW-Eau Claire has given me character, knowledge, the courage to tackle two majors, the opportunity to try new things and see new places, and has also gifted me with endless priceless memories. When searching for colleges, I was looking for a campus that was impressive, dynamic, and most importantly, one that felt like home. To this day I am incredibly proud to call Eau Claire's beautiful campus my home."

Lauryn Steffes

"Being a Blugold has given me the opportunity to set myself up for a successful future and to grow personally. As a Blugold, I am backed up by an incredible community that drives me to work hard to achieve my goals [AND] strive to find new ones. I appreciate every new experience that comes my way and look forward to what the rest of my time at UW-Eau Claire will bring forth!"

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