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Have you noticed the people in striped shirts all over our site? Those are our Campus Ambassadors and they are current students at UWEC who are passionate about this campus and the education they're receiving here. They'll show you around campus, pointing out their favorite study spots, hangouts, and giving you the scoop on the best places to get food on campus. Their intimate knowledge of campus life is the best way to see if UWEC is the right school for you!

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Abby Stangler, Admissions Intern

Cottage Grove, WI

"I love being a Blugold because from the minute I started my freshman year, the Eau Claire campus felt like home! The sense of community and family I get from being a Blugold is something I want for other students. The professors here at UWEC want students to succeed, and I have felt supported and challenged to be the best student I can be. There are so many opportunities being a Blugold has to offer, and I have taken full advantage of them--studying abroad, becoming an RA, volunteering as a campus ambassador, being a part of NRHH...just to name a few. Being a Blugold brings out the best in me, and I love being a part the UWEC community!"


Mercer, WI

"Being a Blugold has given me the foundation in which I can aspire to be everything I've ever dreamed I could be. The first time I walked onto the UW-Eau Claire campus, I felt inspired to meet the expectations of college. UWEC not only has encouraged me to meet these expectations, but it makes it possible for myself and my fellow Blugolds to do so. We are provided with endless opportunities and surrounded by a supportive environment that allows us to succeed and achieve our dreams."

Jens Calderon

Middleton, WI

"Being a Blugold to me means loving every step of your academic journey."

Julie Katzer

Trevor, WI

"What being a Blugold means to me is a rewarding sense of pride and accomplishment. Here at UWEC we are encouraged to pursue multiple passions, and as a Blugold, I am able to be an Accounting Major [AND] an Admissions Office Intern."

Lauren Berns

Hudson, WI

"Being a Blugold is so much more than just a title. It means having the chance to grow and challenge yourself every day. Students are provided with countless opportunities and surrounded by a supportive community which allows us to achieve what we've always dreamt of. UW-Eau Claire has inspired me to take my knowledge and apply it to my life beyond the campus."

Maggie Hall

Wausau, WI

"Being a Blugold means that I can learn, grow, and explore exactly who I want to be! I can take on new opportunities and figure out my own strengths and weaknesses. I can be a marketing minor and I can explore nature. I can do research and facilitate a leadership camp! The possibilities are endless and that's what being a Blugold means to me!"

Monique Morales
Monique Morales

Elkhorn, WI

"Becoming a Blugold has opened up so many doors for me. I was nervous about going to college and being on my own, but UWEC made me feel right at home. Everyone is friendly and wants to see you flourish. There are so many great opportunities that UWEC offers for all of its students to make sure you graduate with everything you need to become a successful person."



Tim Callow, Admissions Intern

Cumberland, WI

"I believe that being a Blugold is different for everyone, and that’s what makes it so great. Knowing you don’t have to be a cookie cutter fit [AND] can just BE YOURSELF is the most comforting family you can be a part of. Joining a community that not only wants to learn but can show you how to shine just the way you are is what it means for me. With countless opportunities and relationships to offer, the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has taught me to never doubt myself, but to be inspired to find what good I can raise from within. But, as we are all so very different, never be afraid to come find out what being a Blugold can mean for you."

Grace Palubicki

Elcho, WI

"Being a Blugold, thus far, has been an experience I would not trade for the world. UWEC has given me so many opportunities to grow as an individual, while also shaping me into the professional I aspire to be someday. I definitely take pride in being a Blugold because I have been challenged to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, and find my value on a college campus. It has shown me that my 'personal path' has led me to exactly where I am meant to be.”

Hailey BeBeau

Glidden, WI

"I love being a Blugold because UW-Eau Claire is not only my college campus but also my home away from home. UWEC has made me grow in areas of my life I did not expect to grow in as a college student. My experiences here have made me a better student, better leader, and simply -- a better person. I have learned that college is the time to develop into the person you wish to be, and UWEC has provided me with just that. I feel enabled to tackle my career and personal aspirations after my time here at Eau Claire, even though I truly never want to leave!"

Hannah Raddenbach

Alma, WI

"As a Blugold, I am constantly exploring new ideas and discovering different passions. With the support of faculty and staff, my interests are channeled into my degree plan, and I am able to make every experience impactful. I look forward what each new semester brings--four years is too short!"

Hunter Henk

River Falls, WI

 "What’s a Blugold you ask? Some may say it’s a mystical bird. Some may say it’s someone who attends the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Although those are correct, I believe a Blugold means much more than that. It means you are part of a community that strives for excellence, broadens your horizons, expands your comfort zone, challenges the ideologies of society, and paves a road for future success in all facets of life."

"Being a Blugold means a lot to me. This is because I am a first generation college student. Going to college has been a dream of mine since I was young. The hardest part in my college search was finding a place that I could call a home away from home. UWEC not only provided me with that, they even helped me overcome many challenges to be more successful. One of those challenges was my public speaking skills. I used to struggle giving a simple speech in class. Now, I am able to do that and much more thanks to UWEC and the many on-campus resources they provide."

Kayla Weinberger

Brookfield, WI

"Being a Blugold means I get to be part of a community that is giving me so much more than a degree. UW-Eau Claire has given me character, knowledge, the courage to tackle two majors, the opportunity to try new things and see new places, and has also gifted me with endless priceless memories. When searching for colleges, I was looking for a campus that was impressive, dynamic, and most importantly, one that felt like home. To this day I am incredibly proud to call Eau Claire's beautiful campus my home."

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